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Fortune telling 10/16 - 10/31 October 2018

Twelve zodiac signs of this month
Uranus matching with full moon, planets gathered in Scorpio
(Notice: The text is a translation of the Japanese original text by Google. For that reason, there are conversion errors and so on. Please acknowledge it beforehand.)

Several changes were characteristic times in the first half of October.
In the first half of October when Pluto returned to prospect and merged with Mercury and the sun, the change in the power figure in organization and interpersonal relationship was noticed or who controlled it. It seems that the problem became a problem.
In addition, the retrograde phenomenon of Venus that operated Scorpio tends to influence love and money luck, such as review and strong dependence, strong influence of these planets and constellations, with various influences There is a possibility of giving.

Also, in the first half Mercury and Uranus 180 degrees of IT equipment and the latest technology occurred to cause troubles. This tends to cause an unexpected phenomenon, mainly causing hardware and software such as Web, PC etc etc. to cause unexpected stoppage etc.
Although there is a similar tendency in saying through the net etc, now Uranus continues to retrograde in Taurus which deals with financial system and values. That does not mean that this matter ends in a mere momentary problem, but it shows that it was occurring as a problem of money or a problem involving IT in finance.
From a different viewpoint, it can be thought that the phenomenon that distribution and information such as Mercury's jurisdiction causes problems of money and values ​​is occurring.
Uranus moves to Aries a little more, but events related to finance are expected to occur even in this neighborhood, and furthermore problems such as ideological aspect and rebellious spirit tend to recur by returning to Aries . Therefore, Uranus movements should be noticed in the future.

And this autumn that various settlements and settlements will take place for the next fiscal year, but if there is an impulse to change something in your mind, it is better to proceed with preparation .
It may be the source that will change your luck greatly from this autumn to next year. Even if it is still signs and experimental stage at present, it may bud newly.

This is the main placement in late October.

Scorpio retrograde Venus congruence with Mercury
Scorpio Mercury and Pisces retrograde Neptune's 120 degrees
90 degrees of Scorpio Mercury and Aquarius Mars
With the scorpion of the sun
Scorpio Sun and Taurus retrograde Uranus 180 degrees
Scorpio retrograde Venus and Capricorn Saturn 60 degrees
Full moon of Taurus
Full moon and Taurus retrograde Uranus match
Match of Scorpio Sun and retrograde Venus
Scorpio Sun and Capricorn Saturn 60 degrees
Match of Scorpio Mercury and Jupiter
Scorpio retrograde Venus and Taurus retrograde Uranus 180 degrees
Mercury's Sagittarius entry

Red: Misfortune Blue: Luck Purple: Mix

Since the planets are concentrated in Scorpio this time, it is assumed that there is a tendency that this area focuses on the luck carried out by the part where you are born in your constellation.
Although the burn angle is small, the influence of Venus and Uranus which are going backwards can not be tolerated because it causes problems at unexpected places.
These movements, as a whole, show that it is a "blessed mixture". The luck associated with one constellation does not necessarily concentrate on the same thing in the real world, it will create a complicated situation that something is good and something is bad.
Individual arrangements in each constellation of this time have commentary such as good kerning angle and marginal angle in the state that the schedule is close, but this is not a contradiction, but a state of mixed luck.

Since Uranus is related to the burn horn, it seems that the problem suddenly occurs, but it is accumulated by phenomena such as sweet recognition and judgment on what some placement sandwiched in front and behind is, something like tongue trouble etc. It shows the tendency to go.
If you pay attention to the matter and beware of it, there is a possibility that the problem can be easily settled and you will give you a wonderful awareness and change opportunity. If you can use the effect of kick angle well and be careful and be able to suppress the influence of burn angle, this mixed fate is not afraid.

And the latter half of planets concentrate in Scorpio is related to the theme of growth as if this constellation seems to be born again and has a financial meaning of Jupiter who has operated here here for one year. If you take advantage of what you have learned throughout the year, this luck will not be unfortunate and even a simple stepboard to give you a chance will change.

I will explain the main placement.

Scorpio Retrograde Venus and Mercury Match (10/16)
金星 レトログレード 蠍座 コンジャクション 水星 蠍座
The effect already occurs already in the middle of the middle.
This is a good deed that brings about the effect of facilitating human relations with communication.
In personal relationships, you can expect a boost in points such as gifts, fun talks or drinks and parties etc, business in transactions and positive negotiations.
There is also a nice effect of generating opportunities for repairing and improving relationships that have twisted once. Effects are similar in any field from individual level to public conflict.

As Venus goes backward at the time of this placement, if relationships cracked due to some problems recently, it will be valuable timing to make up early and make up early.
If this is coming to a position meaning friends or associates in a birthplace or constellation, it is also assumed that you can make new friends and acquaintances by talking.

The schedule of Venus is like this.
金星逆行 2018年10月後半

Scorpio Mercury and Pisces Retrograde Neptune 120 degrees (10/19)
水星 蠍座 トライン120 海王星 レトログレード 魚座
This stimulates imagination and brings a tailwind to the world of imaging and art. People with strong susceptibility may feel that the world in the mind spreads out when this arrangement occurs.
When Mercury is related, there is a tendency that the influence on letters and words etc. of literature etc becomes stronger than the video field. Specifically, because the tail wind blows to the people who are involved in the world where creation such as novels and stories are necessary, the industry in which publications and images are related will be better.

However, there are also minuses that industries that require rigorous management such as accounting and practice, or even individuals are not so suitable for money management.
If these planets are constellations that are in positions related to money or work, you should be aware that sweet outlooks and situation grasping often becomes a problem later.
In addition, Neptune is now going backwards, and it tends to be accompanied with feasibility rather than an ideal that is less feasible.
It is not a negative thought that dreams will be defeated, but it is assumed to tend to become awakening in reality slowly.

Scorpio Mercury and Aquarius 90 degrees (10/20) of Mars
水星 蠍座 スクエア 火星 水瓶座
It is a burning angle that has the effect of accelerating thinking ability and making the judgment impatient.
However, in the vicinity of this placement, its hasty posture tends to cause a negative effect, there is a problem of judgment error, posture that is too hasty, and easy to cause argument.
It is better to pay attention to these injuries and accidents, judging from the judgment that Mars is a planet's fire that is related to reading and writing (limbs) meant by Mercury.
"Fire" introduced several times on this site means not only the actual fire, but also the "fire" species of conflict, trouble caused by knife, accident etc ..

Of course it is important to pay attention at the time of moving, but this has the effect of causing disagreement due to tongue blow. It is difficult for conflicts and ideas to coincide with each other, and it will be difficult to find a compromise point.
Business negotiations, discussions and legal issues tend to be emotional, and of course such attitudes may only worsen the problem.
Since the position of Mars is in the Aquarius which governs IT etc., it is better to pay attention to remarks on the net as well. Instead of talking to the seller in shopping, you can also increase your stock if you choose the words after considering your opponents and the surrounding influences and your own position.

As a lesson in this neighborhood, we are aiming for sports etc. that can be diverted alone when there is overflowing energy or impulses, but we do not say now even if there is dissatisfaction.
In this neighborhood, let's put a proverb that the mouth is a source of evil in the corner of the heart, let the opinions to be claimed put together in order after putting it in order.

Scorpio Sun and Taurus retrograde Uranus 180 degrees (10/24)
太陽 蠍座 オポジション 天王星 レトログレード 牡牛座
This causes unexpected accident or phenomena such as sudden change of direction.
When the sun is related, it often goes over to the personal whole luck, but this will change depending on the position of the sun. A constellation with Scorpio's position at an important point will be more susceptible to that influence.
The phenomena caused by them is often accompanied by psychology such as anxiety and impatience due to Uranus's effect. If we can adapt to changes in the environment it will bring about innovation, but it tends to be easy to say.
Also, it is easier for people with extreme thought and personality such as Uranus to disturb the situation or cause confusion.

Uranus is going backwards, and it will increase instability over situations where this arrangement occurs during forward travel. In addition, either tendency to think redundantly the confusion caused by the difference in thought, or discourage the behavior by that anxiety would be considered.

Scorpio Retrograde Venus and Capricorn Saturn at 60 degrees (10/25)
金星 レトログレード 蠍座 セキスタイル 土星 やぎ座
In terms of heterosexual relations and luck and business, it is an arrangement that will give a strong wind to build a solid relationship.
Because it is related to steadiness in love aspect, fate such as flashy romance and encounter tends to move away. On the other hand, if you are hoping for seriousness and honesty, making good use of this neighborhood fate is an opportunity to approach the desired development.
When this happens based on the arrangement of birth charts, there are cases where marriage is indicated in terms of relationships such as relatives in terms of pragmatic relationships between men and women, or conditions such as age and circumstances. Since Saturn is the elders, there are also cases where opponents with different years of age are involved.

In terms of money luck, we often emphasize "spending" aspects of investing and dealing with financial problems such as loans and taxes, not savings and savings.
Even in that case, the subjects are solid and directly connected to law and social environment, and they are in the direction of a practical aspect. In any case, good luck will be gained by emphasizing the responsibilities and obligations involved with Saturn.

Full moon of Taurus (10/25)
Full moon and Taurus retrograde Uranus match (10/25)
月 牡牛座 コンジャクション0 天王星 レトログレード 牡牛座 オポジション 太陽 蠍座
The full moon that occurs this time at Taurus is a characteristic arrangement.
The fact that the full moon matches Uranus also indicates that the Sun and Uranus constitute 180 degrees.
Below is a full moon horoscope.


The full moon connected with Uranus has a tendency to cause sudden psychological changes.
The retrograded Taurus is related to the point of money and values, so a sudden change of mind, decision, and related events etc. are assumed for these matters.
Fortunately the position of Saturn will support it, but the burn angle of the dragon head suggests the possibility that the judgment is difficult to proceed in a good direction, and the key to whether or not common sense can be used for noticing and change is key It can be said.

Scorpio The sun and retrograde Venus match (10/27)
太陽 蠍座 コンジャクション0 金星 レトログレード 蠍座
The combination of the sun and Venus boosts the psychology of burning love.
Normally, this placement will boost the kind of fun that will aid romantic love and romance, so it should have been judged as a time when you can expect happy events. And to strengthen relationships with the surroundings, relationships and relationships arising from this angle spread around, so it may be difficult to hide in someone.

But this time Venus is going backwards and the tendency of both luxury and laziness and attachment, envy and jealousy and taste of monopoly tangle are qualified because both positions are in the constellation with deep passion of Scorpio.
Also, since 180 degrees (second time) of Venus and Uranus occur almost at the same time, there are concerns about problems with people who had a relationship in the past and unexpected changes in policy regarding money.

And the full moon has occurred just before this placement occurs, Venus and Uranus 180 degrees of burning angle are also abridged after this. As Scorpio tends to strengthen love and hate, it may be necessary to control our own hearts beyond these arrangements.
Since the phenomenon of coincidence increases that energy, such an adjustment that the mind will not burn out will call for good luck.

Scorpio Sun and Saturn Capricorn 60 degrees (10/28)
太陽 蠍座 セキスタイル 土星 やぎ座
Saturn means hardships, restrictions and common sense, but by arranging sunshine here, it will be an arrangement that can overcome them by the correct procedure and method and achieve results.
You can expect a nice change such as a sense of responsibility and social rules and severe problems going to solve it, but if it does not move actively on the nature of the angle of 60 degrees it will be hard to become a reality. You may be responsible for that role.
Also, if these two planets are located in the area related to "work and social responsibility" in the vicinity of this area, it is necessary to cut off the time to sleep and the time to play and advance work and official affairs etc. In fact it is supposed to be related to the deadlines of overtime work and endless work.

Also, Saturn in this position is in a place where you can best demonstrate Saturn's original power such as social environment and colony formation. This is not limited to born zodiac signs, it shows a time when the attitude and effort of serious and frustrating work gets results and it is easy to obtain evaluation.
It is better to think that measures are taken to solidify your feet and get stability and peace of mind than play or adventure because Saturn's position is effective.
Some people deepen the relationship between elderly people and the position with elders, and there are cases where help and remedies come in from there.

Scorpio Match with Mercury and Jupiter (10/29)
水星 蠍座 コンジャクション0 木星 蠍座
It is an arrangement that induces optimistic thinking and mental state.
It gives us a boost to the work and activities related to letters, negotiating with someone or concluding a contract. It also gives opportunities for expansion and development in terms of learning and communication meaning Mercury.
It can be expected to be a problem such as money, property and rights such as Scorpio, and also in areas where hidden or inquiry is needed.

However, attention should be paid to the point of "optimism" which is a negative side of this arrangement.
Although it is suitable for grasping or thinking things outlining in this neighborhood, it tends to be unpleasant about the part such as a dropout or a leak of details.
It is located in a constellation with elements such as Scorpio that concentrates on the inside and enemies to the limit, but it does not mean that you can completely cover the elements themselves.
There is no doubt that this fate will work plus, but it should be noted that there is a possibility of filling up the hole afterwards, too much in terms of development and execution.

Scorpio retrograde Venus and Taurus retrograde Uranus 180 degrees (10/31)
金星 レトログレード 蠍座 オポジション 天王星 レトログレード 牡牛座
This phenomenon is the second occurrence.
There is a tendency to cause sudden troubles about waste and investment on financial side.
Since Venus operates Scorpio which strengthens deep body relations and love and hate's jealousy feeling, if there is a sudden change, it may not feel like giving up easily it.
On the other hand, because Uranus is going backwards at Taurus, it makes it easier for circumstances in which interpersonal luck and love luck are not balanced in terms of values ​​and money usage.
Suddenly trouble occurs, means the possibility of generating the psychology that "someone" currently involved may want to end the relationship so far. However, it is not necessary to be afraid because it is necessary to have the condition that relationship with someone is not so good. And fortunately the effect is short, if you cool your head your idea will be back.
If you want to do the impulse of this period well, it is to virtually enjoy using simulation, games, etc. It is a good time to enjoy dates in unusual places such as amusement parks, downtown areas and restaurants, and games etc.

In terms of affection, you may feel a sudden encounter and romance, but the effect of Uranus is short and you should not mistake it for a long time. As long as special hobbies and sexual habits match, the possibility of continuing as long as it is may be considered, but if you do not have such a tendency it should be a temporary relationship.
If you already have a partner and want to be more secure than a stimulus and wish you a peace of mind, please rest assured that this arrangement will not affect you.
In addition, if you need to negotiate something or find a point of compromise and make a tradeoff, it is recommended not to do it at this timing but to shift the timing.

The essence of Uranus is "an unmet filled heart."
IT and civilization will be promoted if the dissatisfaction is directed to technology, but if it comes out to a difference of individual relationship and people's way of thinking, the relationship will end suddenly Things are not difficult to imagine.
Especially this time the both planets are going backwards and their position is also a very striking point of constellation boundary line, so this influence is more intense than the first timing which occurred in the first half of September A tendency to make is assumed.
This arrangement may bring you an important awareness or turning point, but if you do not have the will to resolve complaints yourself you just lose the trust of the other party. If you understand that there is a way in your own mind instead of blaming anyone, it will be a great timing for reform.

Main forecasts in the first half of November
Next month will be the transition period of big luck, which we call the milestone of our luck.

Scorpio Venus reversely enters Libra
Scorpio Sun and Pisces 120 degrees of retrograde Neptune
Taurus Uranus reverses into Aries
New moon in Scorpio
Scorpio Jupiter Sagittarius entry
Libra Venus and Aquarius 120 degrees of Mars
Scorpio Sun and Capricorn 60 degrees of Pluto
Leo Dragon Head's Cancer Reverse Account

Returning to the constellation where Venus and Uranus remained until just before, several redoing and reviewing will occur. Movement of Uranus, which had an impact on financial system relations in particular, will also have a major impact on the currency.
The constellation movement of Jupiter causes a transition of luck in the year. The change of big luck has already begun, and there may be some people who are actually realizing by transfer, promotion and others.
Although it will be the latter article, the tendency of lucky bad luck based on good deeds and bad deeds also changes as the dragon head reverses into the Cancer.
To understand the tendency and flow of luck activate your luck, it is advisable to confirm the trend of this fall well.
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Lucky constellation (10/16 - 10/31 October 2018)