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Virgo lucky 16-31 October 2018


Virgo lucky 16-31 October 2018

Venus and Mercury going backward in Scorpio on 16th will match.
Originally it is time to list in fortune telling in late October, but effects are already occurring in the middle of the middle.
Both planets are positioned to control "literal talking / traveling / neighboring relatives" etc and there is a chance to improve relationships with someone who has been in difficult condition, seeking cooperation and assistance around some problems Occur.
But this time Venus is planning to generate a strict twist angle of 180 degrees with Uranus twice, so it takes a little more time for all the problems to be cleared up. Let's always keep reading moderate distance and air.

On 19th, Scorpio Mercury and Pisces Reverse Neptune will produce 120 degrees angle.
Mercury is in a position to administer 'Reading / Writing, Movement, Neighbors', etc. Neptune is going backward at the position that governs "interpersonal / partner luck / marriage / enemy" etc ..
This is a time suitable for study related to letters such as literature. Favorite things may be found, including novels, lanobets and manga etc. Also, it can be expected that people with the same hobbies will improve interpersonal luck by speaking the same topic.
However, as this has the effect of misunderstanding the real intention of the content that we said, it may be different from each other. If it is not important it is fine as it is, but reconfirmation is safe in case of decision etc etc.

On 20th there will be a burning angle of Scorpio Mercury and Aquarius Mars of 90 degrees.
Mercury is in a position to control "literal talking, moving, neighboring relatives" etc. Mars is the position that governs "work, workplace, daily habits, health" etc.
Be careful with conversations with people close to you. This may be someone near the residence or someone who looks at everyday at work. This position is a pattern of typical tongue bruising, it is easy for a casual word to develop into problems, so it is good to complete what you thought in your head.
In the vicinity of this, it may be frustrating that various errands increase, but giving priority to speed only leads to mistake and return. There is a possibility that it may be difficult to borrow someone's help, so if you try to accomplish by yourself even if you are a little late it will reduce the problem.

On the 24th, there will be a burning angle that makes it easy for Scorpio and Taurus retrograde Uranus to suffer a sudden change of 180 degrees.
Uranus is in a position governing "Learning, Law, Overseas, Writing, Beliefs", etc., which is the position where the sun governs "Reading / Writing, Movement, Neighbors and Relatives", etc. Uranus goes backwards to Aries that previously operated It is in the midst of doing.
This is an arrangement that causes communication and your spirit to generate a controlled ugly impulse. If your personality is very different from people, you may give a surprisingly impressive impression.
If you need to learn or understand something, you may get motivated if you get the wrong information in your mind. You will need to look at things in common sense with a broad perspective.

On the 25th, Scorpio retrograde Venus and Capricorn Saturn produce a 60 degree angle.
Venus is in charge of "Reading / Writing, Movement, Neighboring Relatives" etc, Saturn is the position that governs "romance, children, hobbies, investment" etc.
This is assumed to be a tendency that when there is a sense of opposition, a topic of obligation concerning a child occurs, a mannerism or a practical conversation is needed. Depending on the person, the topic may not match partly due to disparity such as age.
Also, there will be more talks about finance regardless of who you are. Depending on the type of job you may have business trips due to obligation or responsibility, but it will generally be a positive result.
On the 25th the same day full moon will occur at Taurus.
This full moon is consistent with Uranus going backwards at Taurus, suggesting the possibility that the power of this full moon may cause induction of unpredictable awareness and unexpected variation if it is usual.
The position of full moon and Uranus is the area that governs "studies, laws, overseas, writing, beliefs" etc. Things related to your ideal, goal and academic etc can change drastically.
If you are interested in overseas or cross-cultural issues, or if you are involved in a legal issue, the direction may be unpredictable.
In some cases, there is a case that the change has occurred in terms of the beliefs, sects etc. you believed so far, and the idea will change significantly until now.

On the 27th there will be a match between the Scorpio sun and the retrograde Venus.
The full moon has just occurred, and this influence may also be linked with the luck of the full moon.
Both planets are positioned to control "literal talking / traveling / neighboring relatives" etc, and communication tends to be activated with people who usually live in daily life.
Even in situations such as learning something or going out to the near field, if you can share information and cooperation with the surroundings you can expect higher sensitivity.
You can expect similar impacts with your relatives, but Venus is not necessarily only deepening friendship because it is retrograde. If you want to go calmly, you will need a device to take care of yourself and get around well.

Scorpio's sun and Capricorn Saturn on Sunday the 60th degree of stability and steadiness will be effective to produce a good angle.
The sun is in the position that governs "literal talking / traveling / neighboring relatives" etc, Saturn is in the position to administer "love · child · hobby · investment" etc. This mainly affects obligations and procedures with those who are closer in daily life.
In addition, despite being plain, it also produces a lucky fight for solid luck with your lucky kid luck. It is good to focus on lifestyle rhythms and everyday environments, aiming at a practical style with no waste.
If there are intentions of opposite sex and presence of children, it may be that they are trying to make a foundation by spending time and money for them, preparing an environment to fulfill responsibilities and duties .
For some people it may be time to develop materials and the environment for hobbies and creative activities.

Scorpio Mercury and Jupiter match on 29th, it will be optimistic and developable luck.
Both are positioned to control "literal talking / traveling / neighboring relatives" etc., the amount of communication with someone in social life environment increases, learning something will accelerate and become efficient.
If you are interested in it, let's take a step back and study. There are more things to get into your head than usual, and you should be able to understand it in a short period of time.
There are also cases where opportunities to go out and move to the near field increase. If there are problems with the people around you, it is also a chance to solve it, so you should not be afraid of this neighborhood.

On 31st, there will be a burning angle that causes sudden golden romance problem of Venus and Uranus 180 degrees.
Venus is Scorpio, who controls "reading, writing, moving, neighboring relatives", Uranus is Taurus who administers "school, law, overseas, writing, belief" etc. This position indicates the luck of causing trouble, in relation to people who are close in distance in various ways. Their attitude and attitude are unacceptable and I hope to be free and free.
Also, if you are doing business, trading, and financial processing through the net, you need to be vigilant about operational errors and falling interest rates. The effect period is short in any case, so you can deal with it.
Both planets are going backwards this time, and there is a concern about the strong influence even when compared with the timing that occurred last time. However, considering the fact that the influence of Uranus generates instantaneous and capricious circumstances, I recommend you to make a judgment prospectively one after another.

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