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Scorpio lucky 16-31 October 2018


Scorpio lucky 16-31 October 2018

Venus and Mercury going backward in Scorpio on 16th will match.
Originally it is time to list in fortune telling in late October, but effects are already occurring in the middle of the middle.
Both planets are positioned to control "appearance, personality, skill, existential significance" and so on, indicating that your appeal will be enhanced by communication. Venus is going backwards, you may get pleasant news from someone else who is far from estranged.
However, the future Venus is planning to generate a strict twist angle of 180 degrees with Uranus twice, and it is assumed that your mood may be slightly fickle. The retrograde of Venus also shows a charm up of opponents you are not wanting, and it seems that it is safe as it is.

On 19th, Scorpio Mercury and Pisces Reverse Neptune will produce 120 degrees angle.
Mercury is in the position that governs "appearance, personality, skill, existential significance", etc. Neptune is going backward at the position that governs "romance, children, hobbies, investment" and so on.
In this neighborhood the words you give will give you a wonderful impression of the opposite sex and will greatly increase your popularity luck in socializing places with people. Also, if you are writing a character or doing creative activities, there is a stronger tendency to create good works by chasing wind.
However, there is also an effect that it is easy for misunderstandings to occur, so if you select words only the things you want to express clearly there is no mistake.

On 20th there will be a burning angle of Scorpio Mercury and Aquarius Mars of 90 degrees.
Mercury is in a position to administer "appearance, personality, skill, existential significance", etc. Mars is a position that governs "home, home, family, real estate" etc.
This shows a tendency to decrease interpersonal luck. Be careful not to force your opinion or subjectivity against someone. Even if you do not think so, this arrangement is easy to call tongue trouble, so it is prudent to speak after considering the influence of the surroundings, even though you are usually thinking about it.
This also makes it easier for cases such as family story, home environment, and story talks and differences of opinion with someone related to real estate. Focusing on certainty rather than rushing the conclusion will ease the situation and alleviate the situation.

On the 24th, there will be a burning angle that makes it easy for Scorpio and Taurus retrograde Uranus to suffer a sudden change of 180 degrees.
Uranus is in a position governing "person, partner luck, marriage, enemy" and so on, where the sun is responsible for "appearance, personality, skill, existential significance", etc. Uranus goes backwards to Aries that previously operated It is in the midst of doing.
This is an arrangement that induces the urge to change the present situation in your mind. Your surroundings and partners may be surprised by their behavior.
It suffices if it is a change that has a merit with each other, but it is up to you and it is not necessarily the case. If you can do it alone it would be better not to involve someone.

On the 25th, Scorpio retrograde Venus and Capricorn Saturn produce a 60 degree angle.
Venus is the position that governs "appearance, personality, skill, existential significance", etc. Saturn is the position that governs "reading and writing, moving, neighboring relatives" and so on.
This has the effect of maturing your appearance and way of thinking. Your opponent may feel your thought as grown up, in some cases you may feel old. It is important that you do not forget the charm so that you do not think that you are cold to the other partner.
Also, there is a possibility that you need to deal with obligations and troubles in relationships with people such as neighbors and relatives etc who usually live in your daily life, but you can do it without difficulty.
On the 25th the same day full moon will occur at Taurus.
This full moon is consistent with Uranus going backwards at Taurus, suggesting the possibility that the power of this full moon may cause induction of unpredictable awareness and unexpected variation if it is usual.
The position of the full moon and Uranus is the area that governs "interpersonal / partner luck / marriage / enemy" etc. It shows a tendency that opinions with someone in one-to-one relationship do not match. There is a tendency for big changes in your consciousness and attitude in the second half, so there may be some differences between them and their policies.
In some cases, the other party may be asking for freedom than it is now, but if you want to maintain the current relationship, rather than standing out differences in opinion, such as changing decisions and contract terms There will be room for negotiation.
By aiming a relationship that can respect each other, it is also possible to grow to a better relationship.

On the 27th there will be a match between the Scorpio sun and the retrograde Venus.
The full moon has just occurred, and this influence may also be linked with the luck of the full moon.
Both planets are positioned to control "appearance, personality, skill, existential significance", etc. Your popularity will be greatly improved. Recent trend of popularity luck may have been lucky, but this shows a stronger situation, you can expect inspiration and voice.
However, as Venus goes backwards, if it becomes amenable to this situation, luck will be reversed after standing for a while, it is necessary to correct posture separately from the presence or absence of surrounding eyes.

Scorpio's sun and Capricorn Saturn on Sunday the 60th degree of stability and steadiness will be effective to produce a good angle.
The sun is in the position that governs "appearance, personality, skill, existential significance", etc. Saturn is in the position that governs "reading and writing talking, moving, neighboring relatives" and so on. This shows the situation and luck with business and communication problems.
Therefore, you may be wondering how to talk to someone else. Since this position is also related to business, there is also a psychological state that there is somewhere concerning the future.
In exchange for responsibility and duty, there is a means to make you make a concession, but first, consulting experts such as elders and experienced people will lead to good results.

Scorpio Mercury and Jupiter match on 29th, it will be optimistic and developable luck.
Both are in the position to administer 'appearance, personality, skill, existential significance', etc. Activating with various interests in various things to expand your knowledge and skills, and improving popular luck by using it It can be expected luck.
This arrangement is also suitable for explaining and persuading your opinion to others, which will help you fill in presentations and opinions. There are some signs of fluctuations in interpersonal luck, but this is a chance to find a landing point and proceed in a good direction.
However, in order to induce optimistic psychology, I can not recommend having confidence without evidence that this will be okay.

On 31st, there will be a burning angle that causes sudden golden romance problem of Venus and Uranus 180 degrees.
Venus is Scorpio, which controls "appearance, personality, skill, existential significance", etc. Uranus is Taurus who administers "interpersonal / partner luck / marriage / enemy" etc ..
You may recently be up for popular luck / love luck, but interpersonal relationships tend to get worse in this neighborhood. Your opinion and direction do not agree with someone important and suddenly the relationship may end and the subject of interaction may change.
Trying to pass your opinion will make that tendency stronger, but forcibly stopping only disadvantages yourself. It is the key to stabilization to have your own posture without shaking.
Both planets are going backwards this time, and there is a concern about the strong influence even when compared with the timing that occurred last time. However, considering the fact that the influence of Uranus generates instantaneous and capricious circumstances, I recommend you to make a judgment prospectively one after another.

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