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Scorpio lucky 16-31 July 2018


Scorpio lucky 16-31 July 2018

Dragon tail re-matches will occur on Monday as Mars goes backwards.
The position of Mars and Dragon tail is Aquarius which governs "home, home, family, real estate" etc. It seems that your family environment and relationship with your family have recently been in a difficult situation.
There is a possibility that it is necessary to carry someone's responsibility or the possibility that past problems may deprive you of your time again but the act of putting out emotion will never help you.
The meaning that Mars goes backward at this position suggests that you need to build the foundation and foundation for this teacher to come. Since that is not an easy thing, consider that it is occurring as this fate is necessary to review.

On 23rd the sun will sit in Leo which is responsible for "work outcome, public position, career pass" etc.
The sun at this position generates good fortune or fate to inform the surroundings of the work and activities you have worked hard.
However, after this, the sun continues with the Uranus and Mars, which leads to a burning angle. Human relations with eyes and reputation from the surroundings may be a problem in the first half of July, and that sign may already be occurring.
Perhaps a story such as promotion and career change has begun in the surroundings, but we recommend you not to expect too much to go forward or to skimmer at this time.

On 25th, a vicious angle will occur where Venus and Neptune 's ambiguity of 180 degrees is likely to cause problems.
Venus is Virgo who is responsible for "Friends / Colleagues / Organization / Social Environment" etc. Neptune is going backwards at Pisces which administers "Love, Children, Hobbies, Investment" etc.
This is worrying about dependence relationship with friends and colleagues, and it is easy to cause credit problems. Perhaps in this neighborhood you may feel popular from around. Or you may have new friends and acquaintances, but now it is better not to take too much of what they say.
If money is involved it is even more so it is advisable to see the margin. And the position of Neptune is also related to love luck, so here as well. The point of using this lucky skill is to make beautiful your opponents or not to decide just by appearance or imagination.

On 25th the same day a burning angle that easily causes sudden troubles of 90 degrees of sun and Uranus occurs. Care must be taken not to refuse to change too much.
The sun is Leo which is responsible for "job outcome, public standpoint, career pass" etc. Uranus is Taurus who controls "interpersonal / partner luck / marriage / enemy" etc ..
Your achievement may be known to people around you recently, but there is a possibility that someone in a better position may not be comfortable with it. Flexibly accepting the change and keeping a victory attitude will keep this problem away and will harmonize the relationship with the surroundings.

Mercury starts a phenomenon called retrograde on 26th.
This position is the Leo who is responsible for "work outcome, public standpoint, career pass" etc, and in these fields it may have been troubled lately. There is a possibility that further consideration including review and redoing may be necessary in the future.
Your job plan such as this progressive goal and career change, etc. seems to be somewhere fitted or timed. It may have been frustrating in a situation that is not going late, but Mercury's retrograde tells us that we need to stop once and review the plan.
It is not suitable for changing jobs or launching a new business during this cycle. Carefulness such as cleaning up the plan that is not finished, reviewing delays and details of planning execution, redoing marketing and thoroughly sharing information will help you yourself ahead of time.
On the 27th, there is a burning angle that calls the sun and Mars 180 degrees fire.
The sun is Leo which is responsible for "work outcome, public standpoint, career pass", Mars goes backwards in the aquarius which governs "home, home, inside and real estate".
Because this placement has the effect of raising a desire to live in life and ambition, you may want to go ahead and it can not be helped. Even the possibility that Mercury 's retrogress has spurred it and it is in dilemma is also assumed.
However, if you proceed with a forced march, there is a danger that people turning around to your enemies will be stuck behind this back wall. The position of Mars shows frustration in the home environment, and maybe there are objections from family members as well.
Let's look for the timing and landing point that can be rolled round, not forcibly.

On 28th a good angle will arise to strengthen the 120 degree bond and desire of Venus and Pluto.
Venus is Virgo who is responsible for "Friends / Colleagues / Organization / Social Environment" etc. Pluto is going back in Capricorn who is responsible for "Reading / Writing, Moving, Neighboring Relatives" etc.
This arrangement shows luck with which we can realize unity with our colleagues and bonds of ties. If you have any troubles, you should consult with your friends and friends.
It is recommended that you give out a great idea, or because you are more likely to cooperate with pleasure, we recommend that you speak out, but at the same time this arrangement also enhances dependencies. You should move in a good direction for each other if you keep clear of the give-and-take.

On 28th the same day full moon will occur in Aquarius.
This position governs "home, home, family, real estate", but this time there will be points to watch out for some fire, as Mars will match this full moon. There is a danger that the above-mentioned effects of Mars and Dragon Tail, and 180 degrees of sun and Mars will peak in this neighborhood.
It may be fresh due to relationships with family, living at home, and related to real estate, but at the same time, it is expected to tend to consume a lot of hustle and troubles and physical fitness. Because fire is strong, please emphasize steadiness instead of putting out me.
And this position tells you that you need to balance your family, work and health, considering your way of waving and future plans with a long span.
It is advisable to make good use of Mercury's retrograde and improve trajectory correcting part of problem and improving plan feasibility.

On the 2nd of next month, there will be an arrangement that triggers explosive nature and rebellion to the regime of 90 degrees between Mars and Uranus that occurred once in May.
Mars is an aquarius that controls "home, home, family, real estate", etc. Uranus is Taurus who controls "interpersonal / partner luck / marriage / enemy" etc .. If that effect is already occurring and you had experienced the problem before that time, we recommend watch out in the vicinity of the end of the month.
In the vicinity of this, real estate environment tends to be unstable, please pay attention to the operation of gas and fire sources and IT equipment which are at risk of explosion. Because the relationship between family and family is also similar, it is prudent to set common goals instead of competing.

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