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Sagittarius lucky 16-31 July 2018


Sagittarius lucky 16-31 July 2018

Dragon tail re-matches will occur on Monday as Mars goes backwards.
The position of Mars and dragon tail is Aquarius which is responsible for "Reading / Writing, Moving, Neighboring Relatives" etc. I wonder if there have been a lot of things in your mind recently.
Once such situation should have passed, there is a possibility that Mars felt its mood again after Mars retrograded. And in this neighborhood it will be difficult to hold down the circle, but accidental remarks just disadvantage yourself. Let's learn from the past and carefully choose words to wait for a moment before putting it out.
If Mars goes backward at this position, headaches may occur and thinking ability tends to decline, so it is advisable to pay attention to the body care centering on the head as well.

On 23rd the sun will sit in the Leo which governs "school · law · overseas · writing · belief" etc.
The sun at this position tends to give you adventurous spirit and openness to your heart filled with everyday spicyness. There is the possibility that opportunities to study again to learn interested areas, to touch unknown culture and people, and to go far.
However, after this, the sun continues with the Uranus and Mars, which leads to a burning angle. This area is also related to the way you believe and sects, so there may be dangers that some of the things you've reassured have collapsed. If you are aware of circumstances that the hand is not turning around as a result of seeing the majority over, let's reconfirm from now.

On 25th, a vicious angle will occur where Venus and Neptune 's ambiguity of 180 degrees is likely to cause problems.
Venus is Virgo who is responsible for "work outcome, public standpoint, career pass" etc. Neptune is going backwards at Pisces which administers "home, home, inside, real estate" etc.
This shows when your work and career path are likely to become unstable. You may threaten your role, such as home circumstances or presence of rivals.
However, there are tendencies that luck differs largely depending on the type of industry, and it is also a time to produce good results in creative fields such as art and video. We recommend that you do not keep it ambiguous when the result of money is entered into the result.

On 25th the same day a burning angle that easily causes sudden troubles of 90 degrees of sun and Uranus occurs. Care must be taken not to refuse to change too much.
The sun is Leo, who controls "school · law · overseas · writing · belief" etc. Uranus is the Taurus who administers "work, workplace, daily habits, health" etc.
There is a possibility that you may be overwhelmed by the worry or concern that you may not be able to realize what you believe or do as a goal suddenly.
When related to legal problems, differences in sects and ideas, etc., there is a tendency to influence human relations and position in the workplace. Also, if your thoughts are too strong or too restrained, you will have a negative impact on your health aspect, so be careful.

Mercury starts a phenomenon called retrograde on 26th.
This position is Leo which is responsible for "school · law · overseas · writing · belief" etc, recently it may have been troubled by progress in these fields. There is a possibility that further consideration including review and redoing may be necessary in the future.
If you are planning a trip or a business trip to a distant place, we recommend that you prepare a detour route and adjust the schedule again. Remarks in blogs and social etc. may be misunderstood from people who have a different position or different beliefs from you.
Since the concept of morality changes not only by one country but also by country and position, it is prudent not to mention it even if you feel that you are right. If you feel that you have lost sight of the target during this cycle, you should consider it as a preparation period to create a new target.
On the 27th, there is a burning angle that calls the sun and Mars 180 degrees fire.
The sun is Leo which is responsible for "school · law · overseas · writing · belief" etc. Mars is going backwards in the aquarius which governs "reading and writing, moving, neighboring relatives" and so on.
We recommend not to insist on the concepts, sects etc you believe in this neighborhood. This position means the existence of people from overseas and different standings, but in modern times there are occasions to show blogs and social statements that can be seen from overseas and others, and stupid remarks can make the position strict.
Also, be aware of accidents and injuries during travel such as commuting and school attendance. Even if there are discontent with the undercarriage or the people close to you, it is also risky to put it in your mouth.

On 28th a good angle will arise to strengthen the 120 degree bond and desire of Venus and Pluto.
Venus is a Virgo who is responsible for "work outcome, public standpoint, career pass", etc. Pluto is going back in Capricorn who is responsible for "money transportation, income and expenditure, sense of values, safe security" and so on.
This shows when your popularity and money luck are up through work. Let's show the attitude of appealing the achievements to the superiors and trying to achieve good results. Keeping effort like this will help your money luck ahead, so it should be worth the effort.
However, with this arrangement, we can not recommend using money for security. Although it is also a time when you can enjoy the items of attention, please consult with your wallet and enjoy it moderately.

On 28th the same day full moon will occur in Aquarius.
This position governs "reading, writing, moving, neighboring relatives", but this time there will be some points to be aware of the fire as Mars matches this full moon. There is a danger that the above-mentioned effects of Mars and Dragon Tail, and 180 degrees of sun and Mars will peak in this neighborhood.
Let's put a breath before opening the mouth and before sending because the content of the conversation and the message is a time to misunderstand people or buy antipathy. In addition, it may be necessary to make efforts to adjust relationships with close relatives such as relatives and neighborhood residents, or to change something in the surroundings.
It is also a time when the probability of injury or accident during travel such as driving or commuter goes up, so it is advisable to spend safety first without hurrying.

On the 2nd of next month, there will be an arrangement that triggers explosive nature and rebellion to the regime of 90 degrees between Mars and Uranus that occurred once in May.
Mars is the Aquarius that controls "reading, writing, moving, neighboring relatives", and Uranus is Taurus who administers "work, workplace, daily habits, health" etc. If that effect is already occurring and you had experienced the problem before that time, we recommend watch out in the vicinity of the end of the month.
This means the dangers of accidents and injuries during travel mainly related to work such as commuters and business trips. Let's pay attention to the operation of the vehicle and equipment maintenance no matter how frightened. Messages to business partners at work, PC mistakes, lost etc. are the same.
On the other hand, if you continue your efforts to overcome old circumstances and barriers, there is also a chance to see the breakthrough in this neighborhood.

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