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Sagittarius lucky 16-31 October 2018


Sagittarius lucky 16-31 October 2018

Venus and Mercury going backward in Scorpio on 16th will match.
Originally it is time to list in fortune telling in late October, but effects are already occurring in the middle of the middle.
Both planets are positioned to govern "past, secret, settlement, quarantine place" etc. This shows a chance to relax and refresh your exhausted heart.
Even if it is said that impossible is impossible, it can not be so minuscule. It will be good for everyone to give priority to your circumstances in this neighborhood.
But this time Venus is planning to generate a strict twist angle of 180 degrees with Uranus twice, so it takes a little more time for all the confusion and problems to come up with.

On 19th, Scorpio Mercury and Pisces Reverse Neptune will produce 120 degrees angle.
Mercury is in a position to administer "past, secret, settlement, isolation place" etc. Neptune is going backward at the position that governs "home, home, inside, real estate" and so on.
This is a good time to read at home or have time for hobbies. You may also get in touch with watching movies and playing games.
This time you can expand the inner area of ​​your mind, but it is not suitable for realistic matters. It will be effective if it will firm future vision by imaging.
If there is a problem involving real estate that has been continuing from a long time ago, ambiguity confuses the situation, so it is advisable to check the contract again.

On 20th there will be a burning angle of Scorpio Mercury and Aquarius Mars of 90 degrees.
Mercury is located at the position that governs "past, secret, settlement, isolation place", etc. Mars is the position that governs "reading and writing talking, moving, neighboring relatives" etc.
This time there is a tendency to increase communication frequency with people, but it may be useful for you or not to cause problems. Because someone was saying, it would be better not to confuse with self as opposed to self.
It is also a time to encounter injuries and accidents while traveling on commuters and so on, so it is recommended that you pass caution even if you are a usual way.

On the 24th, there will be a burning angle that makes it easy for Scorpio and Taurus retrograde Uranus to suffer a sudden change of 180 degrees.
Uranus is in a position governing "past, secret, settlement, isolation place" etc., Uranus goes back in position to manage 'work, workplace, daily habits, health', etc. and is approaching to Aries which previously operated It is in the midst of doing.
If there is work that does not end with a delay, that matter will change in an unexpected direction. You may be able to finish it, but it does not necessarily result in good results.
This arrangement also gives warnings to your health luck. Because it comes out in the unexpected part, we recommend medical treatment as soon as you think it is funny.

On the 25th, Scorpio retrograde Venus and Capricorn Saturn produce a 60 degree angle.
Venus is the position that governs "past, secret, settlement, quarantine place" etc., Saturn is the position that governs "money transportation · income balance · value · safe safety" etc
This triggers a psychological situation that motivation is difficult to achieve. If you have a job that is past the deadline, you may have to deal with it, but it should be a troublesome feeling.
Some people may feel that there is some room for finance more than usual in this neighborhood, but perhaps they just look sweetly about what needs to be strictly managed.
Even if you are steadily managed, advice from experienced people and older people is effective.
On the 25th the same day full moon will occur at Taurus.
This full moon is consistent with Uranus going backwards at Taurus, suggesting the possibility that the power of this full moon may cause induction of unpredictable awareness and unexpected variation if it is usual.
The position of the full moon and Uranus is the area responsible for "work, workplace, daily habits, health", and colleagues and superiors in your work environment can not be relied upon and may not be familiar with.
There is also the possibility that the policy changes in an unpredictable direction or implicit rules exist and it is not informed to you.
This may make your standing position very difficult, but Uranus's impact period is short, and the possibility of continuing in that situation will be low. It is important not to make a short-term judgment but to look forward to the predictions of the past and the change.

On the 27th there will be a match between the Scorpio sun and the retrograde Venus.
The full moon has just occurred, and this influence may also be linked with the luck of the full moon.
Both planets are in the position to administer "past, secret, settlement, isolation place", etc. This indicates the time when you need rest and rest in your mind and body.
If there is no work or work left, you should have a distraction and sleep around here. The retrograde of Venus shows the induction of psychology that you believe that you do not want to spend more time wastefully and do not want to fulfill your obligation.

Scorpio's sun and Capricorn Saturn on Sunday the 60th degree of stability and steadiness will be effective to produce a good angle.
The sun is in the position that governs "past, secret, settlement, isolation place" etc, Saturn is in the position to manage "money transport · balance · value · safe security" etc.
This shows some luck due to past responsibilities. If you have endured the tough situation until now, you may be able to see the situation that your mind is rested for a while.
And it shows the circumstance where consistency is required also for your money luck. Summarizing the balance of income and expenditure so far and finely controlling it will stabilize us ahead.

Scorpio Mercury and Jupiter match on 29th, it will be optimistic and developable luck.
Both are in the position to administer "past, secret, settlement, quarantine place", etc. This position also tends to indicate relief and opening by evacuation.
This shows that you have had the opportunity to do what you have hidden or things you did not know and that information may give you a sense of security and openness in your mind.
Also, this may cause an edge to the action of going out somewhere and traveling alone, but it tends to be a trip to encounter hints leading to the next luck cycle.

On 31st, there will be a burning angle that causes sudden golden romance problem of Venus and Uranus 180 degrees.
Venus is Scorpio, who controls "past, secret, settlement, isolation place", Uranus is Taurus who administers "work, workplace, daily habits, health" etc.
Just to be sure, please check whether something is delayed or postponed. Especially it is something related to work and work environments, it may be related to your health habit.
If it has not been done so far, it will have a negative impact on money luck. Although the effect is short, the danger of the scale becoming larger is not zero, so be careful.
Both planets are going backwards this time, and there is a concern about the strong influence even when compared with the timing that occurred last time. However, considering the fact that the influence of Uranus generates instantaneous and capricious circumstances, I recommend you to make a judgment prospectively one after another.

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