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Sagittarius lucky 16-30 September 2018


Sagittarius lucky 16-30 September 2018

On the 16th we will capture the essence of things called Otome Mercury and Capricorn Pluto at 120 degrees, and placement suitable for professional discussion will occur. Mercury is the position that governs "work outcome, public standpoint, career pass", etc. Pluto is going backward at the position that governs "money fortune, income and expenditure, sense of values, safe security" and so on.
Your skills and knowledge are important to your superiors and superiors, and your remarks indicate situations that have a profound impact on the outcome and direction of work. You will be able to play an active part in this area in the vicinity, but it may be related only to you or confidentiality.
It will also give you a sense of security as it gives your income a sense of stability and strength.

On the 17th, the virgin Mercury and Scorpio Jupiter's angle of 60 degrees induce a mental state of development and promising, giving rise to action power. Mercury is the position that governs "work outcome, public position, career pass", etc. Jupiter is in a position to administer "past, secret, settlement, isolation place" etc.
This indicates the time when the position as a superior is improved / strengthened, suitable for promotion / independence etc. Particularly in areas where academic or persuasive power is important, its effect will be high.
In addition, there are cases where this luck occurs by handling confidential information or knowing the secret of something, or knowing something as a result of development. Let's actively communicate in order for your speech and negotiation abilities to attract good luck.

On the 19th, there is a burning angle that triggers the rebellious spirit of 90 degrees of Aquarius Mars and Taurus Uranus Uranus and Breakthrough. This is the third time this year and the last occurrence this year.
Mars has returned to proceeding at the position that governs "reading, writing, moving, neighboring relatives" etc. Uranus continues to retrograde at the position that governs "work, workplace, daily habits, health" etc. If we were involved in the problems related to these fields and breaking through the wall from the end of July to the beginning of August, this will be the last time.
This means the dangers of accidents and injuries during travel mainly related to work such as commuters and business trips. Let's pay attention to the operation of the vehicle and equipment maintenance no matter how frightened. Messages to business partners at work, PC mistakes, lost etc. are the same.
If you have continued your efforts to overcome old circumstances and walls, it is also an opportunity to be beyond that. The efforts in this neighborhood can be expected to have great effects.

Virgo Virgo Occasionally busy with the sun and Mercury coordination and placement to activate communication occurs. Both planets are positioned to manage "job outcome, public standpoint, career pass" etc. There is a tendency to generate a busy luck in this field.
This indicates the luckiness to receive either important or happy news from your boss or someone else in a better position. Regardless of the case, the current standing position is likely to change from the current situation, and you will have to harden your intention quickly.
It is also suitable for appealing and advertising toward the surroundings. It becomes easier to receive its benefits if it is a sales job.

On 22nd, there will be a place calling for a harsh fire called Mars of Aquarius and dragon tail. This is also the third occurrence this year and the last occurrence this year.
Both Mars and Tail are in the position to administer "Reading / Writing, Movement, Neighbors and Relatives" etc. Also concerning these matters may have been bothering your head from last month. Attention should be exercised because explosion of emotions in this field, or behavior that does not suit the reason makes the luck greatly down.
This indicates a situation where problems are likely to occur when communicating with someone regardless of real virtual. Also, there was the possibility that similar luck had occurred in the relationship with local people and relatives.
I do not like talking to someone this summer, I was experiencing injuries and troubles during the move. If you were traveling on a trip or a business trip in summer, you may have been involved in an accident.
But such a cumbersome situation is already over. Because Mars operates the same location for a while, it does not fit everything, but it will also fit in little by little.
On the 24th, there will be a burning angle that induces a pessimistic idea of ​​thought and mental state of Libra Mercury and Capricorn Saturn 90 degrees. Mercury is the position that governs "friend, colleague, belonging organization, social environment" and so on, Saturn is in a position to administer "money transportation · income balance · sense of values ​​· safe safety" etc.
This arrangement creates a situation that is unrelated to relationships with friends and colleagues. You may feel lonely in the organization in this neighborhood. Responsibilities and obligations are easy to occur in the community, there is a possibility that you feel pressure with troubles.
This may also have a negative impact on your money luck, if strict reporting and management of income and expenses becomes necessary, or your money sense is problematic, the situation may be dangerous.
However, this Saturn is connecting 120 degrees with Uranus, and issues such as generational change and technology transfer may alleviate this problem. Asking colleagues at work, asking for help, and your daily habits may be hints.

On the 24th of the same day, liberty Mercury and Aquarius Mercury 120 degrees, quick decisions and decisions will cause lucky anger. Mercury is in a position that governs "friends · colleagues · organization belonging · social environment" etc, Mars is in the position to manage "literal talking, moving, neighboring relatives" etc.
This Mars can also expect the effect of covering the burning angle of the above mentioned Mercury Saturn. This indicates that there are troubleshooting methods or problems in your relationship with friends and colleagues, there is a way to deal with yourself becoming smarter by learning.
There are also hands to borrow someone's power close to you, but your motivation to learn, the motivation itself in your heart itself will guide this in a positive direction.

A full moon occurs in Aries on 25th. This is the area that governs "romance, children, hobbies, investment" etc. The full moon that occurs at this position causes time to enjoy in terms of creative activities, hobbies and relationships with children. There is also a tendency that passion increases when there is a sense of opposition.
This full moon constitutes T Square (right triangle) with Saturn of Capricorn who controls "money fortune, balance payment, value view, safe security" etc. There are tendencies related to problems such as reality and limitation.
Even if you are passionate or have a good time, if you talk about the difference in values ​​or values ​​of money, it may get cold at a stroke or change to a tough situation.
In this neighborhood to control emotions, it is necessary to pay attention as difficult results are awaiting unless you think about how to respond in reality.
However, in this full moon, a lucky polygon called "mystic / rectangle" including Mars and Dragon Head · Tail will also occur. The position of the sun and Mars described later will be a hint to that solution.

The courageous posture of 120 degrees of Libra Sun and Aquarius Mars on 28th will cause lucky angel. The sun is positioned to control "friends · colleagues · organization belonging · social environment", etc. Mars is in the position to administer "literal talking, moving, neighboring relatives" etc.
This indicates that the relationship between my colleagues and friends and the people who associate in the social environment has a positive influence on your career path and your previous luck. It goes without saying that attitude to actively engage and cooperate with the group is important.
Mars in this position shows that aggressive communication and voluntary actions are the key to good fortune but it is not only legitimate means and procedures but also judge actions promptly and when it is not clear, The bold action to take is supposed to be the secret to further boost your luck.

Pluto, which had been retrograded at Capricorn on 30th, will return to the state of progression.
This position is the area that governs "luck, balance, value, security safe" etc. In these areas there is a problem of power balance, the possibility that the deep fear of something was disturbing Yes.
From now on, in order to protect your security and safety, you should revise management thoroughly by making remedial measures to change income and expenditure considerably.
If you are concerned about protecting money, it is totally overwhelmed, but the phenomenon of going forward has the effect of greatly changing your values. Flexible and aggressive change will boost money itself in a positive direction.

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