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Pisces lucky 16-31 July 2018


Pisces lucky 16-31 July 2018

Dragon tail re-matches will occur on Monday as Mars goes backwards.
The position of Mars and dragon tail is Aquarius which administers "past, secret, settlement, isolation place" etc. Mars in this position has the effect of making sleep deprivation or emotion somewhat unstable.
Because it is in agreement with the dragon tail, you may be in a situation where you are working on something by yourself, but keep on leaving the place to arrive ahead.
If the idea of ​​blaming it on your own is crossing your mind, it indicates that you do not handle this retrograde power correctly. During this time searches and repetition are necessary and should be recognized as the time required for you to rectify the incorrect choices and judgments that you have ever made and return them to the direction you should have. Do not be afraid to figure out the true character you fear.

On 23rd the sun will sit in Leo which is responsible for "work, workplace, daily habits, health" etc ..
The sun at this position has the power to focus on the routine work and efficiency of the work we do every day and the whole work environment. There is also a tendency to focus on lifestyles directly linked to health as well.
It is a good time to improve the details and make the daily flow normal and smooth.
However, after this, the sun continues with the Uranus and Mars, which leads to a burning angle. There is also the danger that problems will increase due to friction or not being able to improve because of disagreement with the surroundings in these respects. I recommend you to think about the landing point.

On 25th, a vicious angle will occur where Venus and Neptune 's ambiguity of 180 degrees is likely to cause problems.
Venus is Virgo who is responsible for "interpersonal / partner luck / marriage / enemy" etc. Neptune is going backwards at Pisces which administers "appearance, personality, skill, existence significance" and so on.
Please pay attention to one-to-one relationship in this neighborhood. For someone in that relationship regardless of love friends business, you may be misunderstanding somewhere. Rather than going out with someone in search of ideals, accepting the way you are will lead to fortune.
Neptune in your constellation is going backwards, so accepting and connecting to a good future should never be difficult.

On 25th the same day a burning angle that easily causes sudden troubles of 90 degrees of sun and Uranus occurs. Care must be taken not to refuse to change too much.
The sun is Leo which is responsible for "work, workplace, daily habits, health", etc. Uranus is Taurus who is responsible for "reading, writing, moving, neighboring relatives" and so on.
It suggests troubles in which workplace rules and customs are based. It will concern transactions, accounting, information transmission and IT equipment etc. In order to rationalize, you should not go to translate only your opinion, so you will need to find a landing point involving the superior.
If you push your own will, be careful as this may embody it as a health problem that comes from stress.

Mercury starts a phenomenon called retrograde on 26th.
This position is Leo which is responsible for "work, workplace, daily habits, health", etc. In these fields, progress may have been delayed and it may be troubled lately. There is a possibility that further consideration including review and redoing may be necessary in the future.
The reverse of this position shows that we need to review the work environment and work routine work you work everyday. Please also try to make improvements flexibly without regard to the point about information sharing with colleagues and travel such as commuter business trips without being held by common sense.
This position is also related to lifestyle habits. I wonder if you have lots of time to live an indifferent life recently. Since you may have accumulated tiredness and damage in knowing it, you should also review this part.
On the 27th, there is a burning angle that calls the sun and Mars 180 degrees fire.
The sun is Leo which is responsible for "work, workplace, everyday habits, health", Mars goes backwards in the aquarius which controls "past, secret, settlement, isolation place" etc.
This shows the time to work on improvement of work efficiency and improvement of routine work such as work efficiency and efficiency improvement. You may have to hurry the work you have to respond by yourself, but it is time to make an effort now.
However, interpersonal relationships in this environment are down, refrain from extra words in the workplace, and try not to participate in gossip, bad things etc.

On 28th a good angle will arise to strengthen the 120 degree bond and desire of Venus and Pluto.
Venus is Virgo who is responsible for "interpersonal · partner luck · marriage · enemy" etc. Pluto is going back in Capricorn who administers 'friends · colleagues · organization belonging · social environment' etc.
This is a nice place to show the goodness of love luck. Since it is an advantageous arrangement in contracts and decisions with partners etc, we can expect good luck with starting relationships and living together.
Also, money luck tends to receive a lot of benefits from the companies and groups you belong to, and from one-on-one relationship partners.

On 28th the same day full moon will occur in Aquarius.
This position governs the "past, secret, settlement, and quarantine place", but this time there will be some points to watch out for the fire as Mars matches this full moon.
There is a danger that the above-mentioned effects of Mars and Dragon Tail, and 180 degrees of sun and Mars will peak in this neighborhood.
The full moon in this arrangement will give you recharging time. You may be tired with the latest invasion and troublesome living and work. It is the effect of this position originally to stabilize the mind and body by balancing the living, there are cases where the result of the work done by one person raises and health problems arise.
As Mars matches this time, you may remember feelings of frustration and anger that you do not understand well even by yourself. Instead of letting you pass, please prepare for your next cycle through your own hobbies and fun.

On the 2nd of next month, there will be an arrangement that triggers explosive nature and rebellion to the regime of 90 degrees between Mars and Uranus that occurred once in May.
Mars is the aquarius that controls "past, secret, settlement, isolation place", and Uranus is Taurus who is responsible for "reading, writing, moving, neighboring relatives" and so on. If that effect is already occurring and you had experienced the problem before that time, we recommend watch out in the vicinity of the end of the month.
Relationship with residence neighborhoods and relative relatives is an arrangement that may worsen your stress. If you do not say what you want to say easily and let it accumulate, it could explode somewhere.
You may not know where anger should be turned to where you are with freedom and unequal circumstances, right to speak, etc. However, we recommend that you find something to enjoy and diverge well.

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