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Pisces lucky 16-30 September 2018


Pisces lucky 16-30 September 2018

On the 16th we will capture the essence of things called Otome Mercury and Capricorn Pluto at 120 degrees, and placement suitable for professional discussion will occur. Mercury is the position that governs "interpersonal / partner luck / marriage / enemy", etc. Pluto is going backward at the position that governs "friend, colleague, belonging organization, social environment" etc.
This shows the possibility that discussions and meetings in communities and company organizations such as fellows and colleagues can cause a major change in luck.
Information that you need to know exists and you may need to ask questions and reveal it. However, pay attention to the fact that if the root digging too digging, the luck of itself may become a negative trend.

On the 17th, the virgin Mercury and Scorpio Jupiter's angle of 60 degrees induce a mental state of development and promising, giving rise to action power. Mercury is the position that governs "interpersonal / partner luck / marriage / enemy" etc. Jupiter is in the position to administer "school · law · overseas · writing · belief" etc.
This position has the effect of boosting creative art and designers and creators will have ideas. It also creates fun time for hobbies and engagement with children.
Writing overseas cultural exchanges, business trips and social media tends to be more fortunate, and if you are concerned with legal issues you will be happy to receive news.

On the 19th, there is a burning angle that triggers the rebellious spirit of 90 degrees of Aquarius Mars and Taurus Uranus Uranus and Breakthrough. This is the third time this year and the last occurrence this year.
Mars has returned to proceeding at the position that governs "past, secret, settlement, isolation place", etc. Uranus continues to retrograde at the position that governs "reading and writing talking, moving, neighboring relatives" and so on. If we were involved in the problems related to these fields and breaking through the wall from the end of July to the beginning of August, this will be the last time.
Relationship with residence neighborhoods and relatives and relatives, or conversations with others or messages is an arrangement that may aggravate your stress. If you do not say what you want to say easily and let it accumulate, it could explode somewhere. There are cases where it is difficult for anger 's braid to be difficult due to circumstances and freedom of freedom and the like which are not equal.
Also, if the environment such as smartphones and PCs is old and difficult to keep up with, it is an opportunity to revitalize the environment this time. Using the new environment will have a positive impact on your mind and skill and future luck.

Virgo Virgo Occasionally busy with the sun and Mercury coordination and placement to activate communication occurs. Both planets are positioned to manage "interpersonal / partner luck / marriage / enemy" etc and there is a tendency to generate busy luck in this field.
It shows the time when the frequency of communication with someone like important one who is one to one relationship, organization etc etc will increase. There are cases where items such as decisions and promises, contracts requiring stamps are raised in this neighborhood, but even in any case, agreement will be reached at the earliest stage and its policy will be settled.

On 22nd, there will be a place calling for a harsh fire called Mars of Aquarius and dragon tail. This is also the third occurrence this year and the last occurrence this year.
Both Mars and Tail are in a position to administer "Past, Secret, Settlement, Quarantine Locations" and so on, there is a possibility that those concerning them also plagued your head from last month. Attention should be exercised because explosion of emotions in this field, or behavior that does not suit the reason makes the luck greatly down.
It may have been necessary to do something by themselves this summer or have been forced to lone solitary battle. Some people may have been bothered by the existence of someone you are aware of but trying to disturb you while it is hard.
There may have been times when dreaming was bad, but such circumstances also tell the end once in this neighborhood. Even further, since Mars operates the same place, you need to strike up something with the power behind the scenes, but psychological anxiety should be greatly reduced.
On the 24th, there will be a burning angle that induces a pessimistic idea of ​​thought and mental state of Libra Mercury and Capricorn Saturn 90 degrees. Mercury is in charge of "shared assets, tax loan debt inheritance, gender relations", etc. Saturn is in a position to administer "friend, colleague, belonging organization, social environment" etc.
In this neighborhood you may need to deal with tax and loan issues. It is assumed that it may be a responsibility or obligation related to the company organization or community to which you belong. Financial institutions may be non-favorable or procedures may be troublesome.
It also tends to be far from friends and colleagues, and in some cases you may experience situations where you are away from those groups or someone is gone.
However, this Saturn is connecting 120 degrees with Uranus, and issues such as generational change and technology transfer may alleviate this problem. IT communication method such as social media and anonymous bulletin board etc will be a hint for improvement of luck.

On the 24th of the same day, liberty Mercury and Aquarius Mercury 120 degrees, quick decisions and decisions will cause lucky anger. Mercury is positioned to manage "shared assets, tax loan debt inheritance, gender relations", etc. Mars is positioned to manage "past, secret, settlement, quarantine place" etc.
This Mars can also expect the effect of covering the burning angle of the above mentioned Mercury Saturn. Regarding taxes and loans etc, it is effective to make drastic refinancing and payment. However, rather than asking someone, you must organize the information, investigate the unknown points, and judge with the eyes on the other side.
This position is a partner's asset, but the final decision will be a hint that you will make this a good way.

A full moon occurs in Aries on 25th. This is the area that governs "luck, budget, values, security safe" etc. The full moon occurring at this position is interested in things related to changing the fiscal situation, relief and safety, wasteful We generate luck with squeezing payment.
This full moon constitutes T Square (right triangle) with Saturn of Capricorn who controls "friend, colleague, belonging organization, social environment", etc. There are tendencies related to problems such as reality and limitation.
This arrangement shows that savings and moderation are required, which also affects the relationships with the organizations and colleagues you belong to. Although troublesome calculations and work must be done by one person, they may not be very interested in their efforts and circumstances, but compromise proposals and adjustments are mandatory. In some cases you may get annoyed with that discussion.
However, in this full moon, a lucky polygon called "mystic / rectangle" including Mars and Dragon Head · Tail will also occur. The position of the sun and Mars described later will be a hint to that solution.

The courageous posture of 120 degrees of Libra Sun and Aquarius Mars on 28th will cause lucky angel. The sun is responsible for "shared assets, tax loan debt inheritance, gender relations", etc. Mars is positioned to manage "past, secret, settlement, quarantine place" etc.
In the vicinity, it is suitable for liquidating taxes and loans, rebuilding the financial plan and managing income and expenditure ahead. Let's review the balance and invoices once and aim for healthy and safe fiscal situation.
But there is a possibility that you will be able to proceed by yourself. If you have a partner who manages your property jointly, someone from that may not immediately tell you what you decided, but as time goes by, it will turn out and trust will rise.

Pluto, which had been retrograded at Capricorn on 30th, will return to the state of progression.
This position governs "Friends / Colleagues / Organizations / Social Environment" etc. In these areas, there is a problem of power balance, deep fear of something may have been disturbing .
Throughout this period, it seems that the edge has become thin or broken with friends and groups who only had superficial relationships. And from here, your bonds with your friends who can embody your ideals and goals will become stronger again.
Also, companies and groups to which you should belong, friends and colleagues you should associate with should be selected well. It is that existence that makes your heart stronger and smarter when you aim for ideal and it will be useful for mutual growth as well.

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