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Pisces lucky 16-31 October 2018


Pisces lucky 16-31 October 2018

Venus and Mercury going backward in Scorpio on 16th will match.
Originally it is time to list in fortune telling in late October, but effects are already occurring in the middle of the middle.
Both planets are positioned to control "studies, laws, overseas, writing, beliefs" etc. It is suitable for coordinating travel plans and tackling problems related to writing and studies. If there is a problem with the relationship with someone it is also an opportunity to improve by negotiation.
If you are in trouble with legal problems or beliefs with someone, it will be one of the important times to bring it closer to settlements and compromises.
But this time Venus is planning to generate a strict twist angle of 180 degrees with Uranus twice, and if you are suffering from something problems you need a little more time to get around them.

On 19th, Scorpio Mercury and Pisces Reverse Neptune will produce 120 degrees angle.
Mercury is in a position that governs "academics · law · overseas · writing · belief" etc. Neptune goes backward at the position that governs "appearance, personality, skill, existential significance" and so on.
This is an arrangement that learns in the field of arts and media and gives people working to give a boost to imaging. If you are doing things like studying pictures, it will be easy to produce results.
When related to travel and legal issues, this is not a very desirable luck as it is a situation of high confusion and uncertainty. We need steady information consolidation and cooperation from third parties.

On 20th there will be a burning angle of Scorpio Mercury and Aquarius Mars of 90 degrees.
Mercury is positioned to control "school · law · overseas · writing · belief" etc., Mars is the position which governs "past, secret, settlement, isolation place" etc.
This triggers the inner part of your heart to be strongly activated and the psychology that you want to put out the opinions and claims that you have hidden in the back. But if you put it in the table, you might get in a situation with someone who is different from you.
Please be aware of the injuries and accidents during travel and business trips and the differences in opinion on where you moved, so please bear in mind. Hobbies etc. are best if possible if they can emit stress alone.

On the 24th, there will be a burning angle that makes it easy for Scorpio and Taurus retrograde Uranus to suffer a sudden change of 180 degrees.
The sun is in a position that governs "academics · law · overseas · writing · belief" etc, Uranus is going backward at the position governing "reading / writing talking · moving · neighboring relatives" etc and goes closer to Aries that previously operated It is in the midst of doing.
If this is related to academic, academic and legal issues, it suggests the possibility of sudden problems and dealing with the walls.
Also, if there are distant moves and trips in this neighborhood, there may be sudden situations such as schedule change, so it is good to prepare in advance for flexible response.

On the 25th, Scorpio retrograde Venus and Capricorn Saturn produce a 60 degree angle.
Venus is responsible for "Academics · Law · Overseas · Writing · Beliefs" etc, Saturn is the position that governs "friends · colleagues · belonging · social environment" etc.
This shows the possibility that you need to go out with work or school business etc and learn something to solve the problem. Writing with blogs etc., readers will like the content that is serious and solid.
In addition, although this arrangement affects some love luck too, in that case there is a tendency for a margin to arise with those who have differences in the world of living, age etc.
On the 25th the same day full moon will occur at Taurus.
This full moon is consistent with Uranus going backwards at Taurus, suggesting the possibility that the power of this full moon may cause induction of unpredictable awareness and unexpected variation if it is usual.
The position of the full moon and Uranus is the area that governs "literal talking, moving, neighboring relatives", etc. This means that someone close to the distance and some of the relatives will suddenly take unexpected behavior I will.
It may be necessary to cooperate with them, but perhaps it is difficult to cooperate with each other.
This is also a good time to learn and understand the latest technology such as PC and smartphone. You can expect good change in your communication luck and spirit by using new items.

On the 27th there will be a match between the Scorpio sun and the retrograde Venus.
The full moon has just occurred, and this influence may also be linked with the luck of the full moon.
Both planets are positioned to control "studies, laws, overseas, writing, beliefs" etc. There are opportunities to travel and travel, such as traveling to a distant place, but you may be less motivated.
It may be troublesome if you are involved in academic or legal issues, but as long as you are not too lazy you will be able to do anything and go well.
Also, something you have considered ideal until now may be reviewed again or the viewpoint may change.

Scorpio's sun and Capricorn Saturn on Sunday the 60th degree of stability and steadiness will be effective to produce a good angle.
The sun is in the position that governs "academics · law · overseas · writing · belief" etc, Saturn is in the position to administer "friends · colleagues · organization belonging · social environment" etc.
This is a time to make efforts to make your dreams of reality, such as beliefs and studies realize its feasibility. It will be effective to build up and strive with your friends.
Also, because relationships with friends and groups tend to be more practical than tampering, attitudes to refine skills will be for each other. If you are involved in legal issues, it is a realistic perspective and the key to helping elders advice smoothly.

Scorpio Mercury and Jupiter match on 29th, it will be optimistic and developable luck.
Both are in a position to administer "school · law · overseas · writing · belief" etc. This position is also suitable time for studying, traveling, business trips and learning different cultures.
If you are involved in areas such as the Net, Social, Writing and Blogging, good writing will be applied, but try to avoid excessive things beyond triggering optimistic psychology Troubles unnecessary if you care Can be avoided.
This also shows that if a legal problem is related it can be solved by someone who is in a superior position or by using your public position.

On 31st, there will be a burning angle that causes sudden golden romance problem of Venus and Uranus 180 degrees.
Venus is Scorpio, "Utterance · Law · Overseas · Writing · Beliefs" etc, Saurus, Uranus is Taurus who is responsible for "Reading / Writing, Movement, Neighbors and Relatives".
If you are involved in a problem in laws or other matters in this neighborhood, the possibility of heading towards the direction you think may be low. It is difficult to control the situation and it is possible that waste of the cost will be wasted.
Students, travel, business trips and overseas cultural exchanges are similar, and it is safe to avoid extreme thoughts and ideas in this neighborhood. Let's write down blogs etc. to publish it to the world with a name and make it a safe thing.
Both planets are going backwards this time, and there is a concern about the strong influence even when compared with the timing that occurred last time. However, considering the fact that the influence of Uranus generates instantaneous and capricious circumstances, I recommend you to make a judgment prospectively one after another.

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