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Leo lucky 16-31 October 2018


Leo lucky 16-31 October 2018

Venus and Mercury going backward in Scorpio on 16th will match.
Originally it is time to list in fortune telling in late October, but effects are already occurring in the middle of the middle.
If both planets are positioned to control 'home, home, family, real estate', etc. and the relationship with someone who can be called as a family member or family is broken, it is an opportunity to restore it. There is also the possibility that contracts concerning real estate can be promoted favorably by negotiation.
But this time Venus is planning to generate a strict twist angle of 180 degrees with Uranus twice, so it takes a little more time for all the problems to be cleared up.

On 19th, Scorpio Mercury and Pisces Reverse Neptune will produce 120 degrees angle.
Mercury is positioned to control "home, home, inside and real estate", etc. Neptune is going against the position to manage "shared assets, tax loan debt inheritance, gender relations" and so on.
It is a time when you need attention to the content of the housing, real estate etc you live. You should check the notation carefully when you make a new contract or make a renewal in this neighborhood. If you do not check, there is a possibility that important parts will be thru and later be discovered.
Also, some conversations with family members and partners may also cause misunderstandings. It is safe to reconfirm without thinking that only things concerning money are tacit understanding.

On 20th there will be a burning angle of Scorpio Mercury and Aquarius Mars of 90 degrees.
Mercury is positioned to control "home, home, family, real estate" etc., Mars is the position that governs "interpersonal / partner luck / marriage / enemy" etc.
It is a time to pay attention to the relationship with family managers and residents' managers (direct owner such as landlord or consignment company). It may be caused by someone, supplier, etc. you can call your friend or partner. If you inconvenience someone or have a different opinion, you should find a landing point peacefully.
Let's try rechecking before hitting a hanko because it is easy for mistakes and remanders to occur, such as contractual matters involving real estate and family members and administrative procedures.

On the 24th, there will be a burning angle that makes it easy for Scorpio and Taurus retrograde Uranus to suffer a sudden change of 180 degrees.
Uranus is moving in the position governing "work outcome, public standpoint, career pass", etc., where the sun is responsible for "home, home, inside and real estate" etc., Uranus is reverse to Aries which was operating previously It is approaching.
This indicates a drop in home luck. It may be a change in the work environment, the possibility is high due to the public position, etc. It may be awkward at home at the mind where the mind should be resting. In some cases it may be necessary to respond suddenly to matters concerning parents or heritage etc.

On the 25th, Scorpio retrograde Venus and Capricorn Saturn produce a 60 degree angle.
Venus is the position that governs "home, home, inside and real estate" etc., Saturn is the position that governs "work, workplace, daily habits, health" etc.
This shows a tendency to generate conditions such as obligations and responsibilities related to home and real estate, or working at home. If you are doing self-employed work or remote work, you need to be busy and steady, but you can expect a boost in luck.
Some people may be required to talk with parents and their families in a practical way, and there is also the possibility of temporarily feeling uncomfortable air.
On the 25th the same day full moon will occur at Taurus.
This full moon is consistent with Uranus going backwards at Taurus, suggesting the possibility that the power of this full moon may cause induction of unpredictable awareness and unexpected variation if it is usual.
The position of the full moon and Uranus is the area that governs "work outcome, public standpoint, career pass" etc, and near this full moon shows that there are opportunities to appeal in unexpected promotion and public places. If you receive a pleasant offer, it is better to answer without hesitation.
However, Uranus's effect period is short, so it is wise not to think that the situation will last long. The attitude that you make your own efforts and calculate what everything does not go as planned will help your own future.

On the 27th there will be a match between the Scorpio sun and the retrograde Venus.
The full moon has just occurred, and this influence may also be linked with the luck of the full moon.
Both planets are positioned to control 'home, home, family, real estate', etc. This indicates the time to beautify the home and family environment and to realize home loving affairs.
You may want to relax at home or do things such as cleaning and new furniture. However, this placement may induce lazy psychology, and it is better not to simply obliterate from the relationship that the effects of the full moon are coupled, but aim to cultivate sharpness.

Scorpio's sun and Capricorn Saturn on Sunday the 60th degree of stability and steadiness will be effective to produce a good angle.
The sun is in the position that governs "home, home, inside and real estate" etc., Saturn is in the position to manage 'work, workplace, daily habits, health' etc.
It is a time when obligations and responsibilities for families and parents increase. Generally it will be favorable as a result, but yourself may have less free time to fulfill those obligations.
As a matter of course, work and income are involved in that responsibility, so it is assumed that you will do hard work but you can expect from colleagues and superior.
In addition, there are cases where the degree of feeling loneliness becomes strong when you live alone.

Scorpio Mercury and Jupiter match on 29th, it will be optimistic and developable luck.
Both are in the position to manage "home, home, inside and real estate" etc. There is a tendency for topics such as repairing and remodeling at home, moving out depending on people.
It may increase opportunities to communicate with family members and to talk about family memories and circumstances. In some cases, some people may know information on family composition you did not know, but Jupiter will not be heavy information as it handles optimistic events.

On 31st, there will be a burning angle that causes sudden golden romance problem of Venus and Uranus 180 degrees.
Venus is Scorpio, which controls "home, home, family, real estate", etc. Uranus is Taurus who administers "work result, public position, career pass" etc.
Relating to your home environment, residence and real estate is unstable and you may have problems you can not control. You may think that you want to live alone, move, etc, but it will be difficult in the present situation.
Also, because the position Uranus goes backwards is also the position of the work and the relationship with the boss, there are problems in terms of work and finances, and postponement is prudent.
Both planets are going backwards this time, and there is a concern about the strong influence even when compared with the timing that occurred last time. However, considering the fact that the influence of Uranus generates instantaneous and capricious circumstances, I recommend you to make a judgment prospectively one after another.

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