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Cancer lucky 16-31 July 2018


Cancer lucky 16-31 July 2018

Dragon tail re-matches will occur on Monday as Mars goes backwards.
The position of Mars and dragon tail is Aquarius which is responsible for "shared property, tax loan debt inheritance, gender relations" and so on. This arrangement indicates when you are slow in the flow of energy to go towards your goal and will not proceed as planned.
When this arrangement happens recently, you should have hurt your financial problems. Since reflection at that time should be useful this time, let's not make a mistake in selection.
In addition, this position shows intimate heterosexuality and blood relationship, and when there is a partner, it often causes the luck of having trouble adjusting the relationship. Although there is dissatisfaction with the opponent, it is a trick not to lower the luckiness that not talking about money and compatibility as much as possible as much as possible.

On 23rd the sun will sit in Leo which is responsible for "luck, balance, value, safe security" etc.
The sun in this position has a tendency to make events on money usage and values ​​a focus of fortune. Although this tends to induce shopping, it is prudent to clearly clarify the balance of income or to study money in this period.
However, after this, the sun continues with the Uranus and Mars, which leads to a burning angle. We are concerned about major changes and troubles concerning money usage and value, so we encourage you to protect from this point if you see this fortune telling.

On 25th, a vicious angle will occur where Venus and Neptune 's ambiguity of 180 degrees is likely to cause problems.
Venus is Virgo who is responsible for "literal talking / traveling / neighboring relatives" etc. Neptune is going backwards at Pisces which administers "studies, laws, overseas, writing, beliefs" etc.
Please pay attention to misunderstanding around this arrangement. There is a danger that the wrong contents are transmitted to the opponent or received, resulting in disappointment of the opponent. You should pay special attention in the fields of academic, legal and overseas transactions. Even in love terms this is similar, and efforts to avoid the risk of misunderstanding are necessary.
Also, there is a tendency for your side to bear the relationship with residence neighborhoods and relatives. Someone in the surroundings may have to rely on you.

On 25th the same day a burning angle that easily causes sudden troubles of 90 degrees of sun and Uranus occurs. Care must be taken not to refuse to change too much.
The sun is Leo, who is responsible for "luck, balance, value, security safe" etc. Uranus is a Taurus who controls "friends · colleagues · organization / social environment" etc.
This is an arrangement that shows disarrant situation of income and expenditure and causes troubles. It is assumed that this is caused by the social environment such as the company and friends you belong to.
There is a possibility that the result which could not be improved so easily is present, and the meaning of changing it in a hurry from now may be thin. It is prudent to proceed as it is without stagnating originally.

Mercury starts a phenomenon called retrograde on 26th.
This position is the Leo that is responsible for "luck, income and expenditure, sense of values, safe security", etc. In these fields, progress may have been delayed and may have been troubled these days. There is a possibility that further consideration including review and redoing may be necessary in the future.
Have not you used control of your money recently even by yourself? You may have acted such that interesting subjects are dispersed or wasted money is used for the sake of appearance.
During this cycle, you need to think about what you spend money on and how to earn money and make efforts to correct your orbits. Thinking about solving it with your head instead of dissatisfying your missing resources will help yourself.
On the 27th, there is a burning angle that calls the sun and Mars 180 degrees fire.
The sun is Leo, who is responsible for "luck, income and expenditure, sense of values, safe security", and Mars goes backwards in the aquarius which is responsible for "shared property, tax loan debt heritage, gender relations" and so on.
This is luck with a trouble in the income and expenditure situation. Perhaps there was wasteful shopping to this neighborhood, unexpected expenses etc were there.
Because Mars is going backwards, you may need to pay off in the form of a request for a previously used card etc. or tax or distribution of rights instead of recently. If you have a partner who can talk about money or a partner who is deeply involved, you need a honest and emotional conversation.

On 28th a good angle will arise to strengthen the 120 degree bond and desire of Venus and Pluto.
Venus is a Virgo who is responsible for "literal talking / traveling / neighboring relatives" etc. Pluto is going backwards at Capricorn who is responsible for "interpersonal / partner luck / marriage / enemy" etc ..
As a love luck, although there is a possibility of both generosity, it is an arrangement where you can expect good fortune as long as you keep the behavior that protected moderation. There is a tendency that either one depends too much or power relationship tends to become irregular, so moderate distance relationship is good.
Sales talk is an important point in terms of money luck. If you are doing business personally, you will be able to upgrade the possibility of persuasive explanations and appeal to the contract.

On 28th the same day full moon will occur in Aquarius.
This position governs "shared assets · tax loan debt inheritance · gender relations", but this time there will be some points to watch out for the fire as Mars matches this full moon.
There is a danger that the above-mentioned effects of Mars and Dragon Tail, and 180 degrees of sun and Mars will peak in this neighborhood.
If you have financial problems, property rights and relationships with partners, you will bother your head. The key to this arrangement is "yourself will change". Understanding and accepting the situation, the presence of feelings to go further will be to divide Yoshimasu.

On the 2nd of next month, there will be an arrangement that triggers explosive nature and rebellion to the regime of 90 degrees between Mars and Uranus that occurred once in May.
Mars goes backwards in Aquarius, which is responsible for "shared assets, tax loan debt inheritance, gender relations", and Uranus is a Taurus who controls "friends, colleagues, belonging organization, social environment".
If that effect is already occurring and you had experienced the problem before that time, we recommend watch out in the vicinity of the end of the month.
This is also not the end soon as the matter such as financials and rights where Mars is located recurs. And it is prudent to not let go of care as Mars reoccurs back to the forefront.

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