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Aries lucky 16-31 July 2018


Aries lucky 16-31 July 2018

Dragon tail re-matches will occur on Monday as Mars goes backwards.
The position of Mars and dragon tail is Aquarius which governs "Friends / Colleagues / Organization / Social Environment" etc. This phenomenon has occurred once a month, and your friends and colleagues may be troubled by some troubles. In some cases it is assumed that you are in trouble with friction with the surroundings.
As long as the guardian is in this position, your situation will never be easy. Problems and troubles may come down one after another, or the matter that should have been resolved may be reversing. But if you strive without giving up, your assessment will be greatly improved. A challenge to difficulties and always a low head will always promise that.

On 23rd the sun will sit in Leo, who controls "love · child · hobby · investment" etc. The sun in this position gives rise to a tendency to relate "fun" to overall luck.
During this cycle, there will be an increasing number of these areas being close up in our daily lives. Love luck controlled by this area will often be more subject to climb than usual, but since the sun is waiting a part of the burning horn after this, there is a possibility that a sudden problem may arise.
It is also an easy place to interact with people, spending your days paying attention to these points is the point of luck in this period.

On 25th, a vicious angle will occur where Venus and Neptune 's ambiguity of 180 degrees is likely to cause problems.
Venus is Virgo who is responsible for "work, workplace, daily habits, health", etc. Neptune is going backwards at Pisces which administers "past, secret, settlement, isolation place" etc ..
Please pay attention to the delay situation of the schedule in this neighborhood. If possible, we encourage you to do something fruit by this time.
It is better not to buy what you need for work as expenses or to spend money to improve your health. As the boss may ask for reconfirmation about what you can call up to now, be sure to tighten your attention and act.

On 25th the same day a burning angle that easily causes sudden troubles of 90 degrees of sun and Uranus occurs. Care must be taken not to refuse to change too much.
The sun is Leo, who controls "love, children, hobbies, investment", etc. Uranus is Taurus who administers 'Fun, Balance, Values, Safety Safety' and so on.
This site thinks that this arrangement relates to gambling, investment, and recently also to gacha etc. Since it is this arrangement that causes unexpected troubles and problems of money luck, let's be careful about money. Common sense is also indispensable in places where people gather.
If you have a child (no one's kid) in a familiar place, there is a possibility that sudden problems and additional costs for them may occur.

Mercury starts a phenomenon called retrograde on 26th.
This position is the Leo that governs "romance, children, hobbies, investment" etc. Recently, in these fields, progress may have been delayed and may have been troubled. In the future there is a possibility that it is necessary to examine these including review or redo.
This position shows children, investment, gambling, etc. It is assumed that how to use money, information gathering and communication methods, things related to children, etc. are reviewed and delayed.
Because it goes backward at the position that controls fun, something feels boring and it may be troublesome to fit with people, but it is a good opportunity to review things, and daringly going back to the right way to return to the right path It should be a secret.
On the 27th, there is a burning angle that calls the sun and Mars 180 degrees fire.
The sun is Leo, who controls "romance, children, hobbies, investment", Mars goes backwards in Aquarius which controls "friends · colleagues · belonging group" etc.
This shows the tendency of trouble which is caused by a fairy tale and child related things. Friends and colleagues do not understand or cooperation is often difficult, so you should not rely on it.
Because the whole interpersonal luck is rough, it would be better not to positively engage with each other if possible. If you are preoccupied with hobbies and sports that you can do alone, you can convert it to a fulfilling time.

On 28th a good angle will arise to strengthen the 120 degree bond and desire of Venus and Pluto.
Venus is a Virgo who is responsible for "work, workplace, daily habits, health", etc. Pluto is going back in Capricorn, who is responsible for "work outcome, public position, career pass" etc.
This is supposed to be a double-sided effect. In relation to workplace environment and eyes, if you can show your attitude and intention to work, you can expect effects on work luck itself and money luck. Depending on the person, the work preference will generate a strong impression and appeal to the surrounding opposite sex.
However, there is also a danger that persistent problems persist for a long time if you too obsessed with your current position or work or using that authority wrongly. As for money luck, investment and gambling will hurt and the possibility of failure will increase as long as greed.

On 28th the same day full moon will occur in Aquarius.
This position governs "Friends / Colleagues / Organizations / Social Environment", but this time there will be some points to be aware of the fire as Mars will match this full moon.
Your company colleagues and colleagues are expected to change into your rival or take a non-cooperative attitude. However, you should avoid repelling or fighting someone's attitude like this.
Although someone's attitude may not be convinced, it is unlikely that the situation will turn around even if you insist on now. As Mars is going backwards, what you were aiming for is to be reviewed at this time. It is advisable to read your own air and wind direction and complete your own duty.

On the 2nd of next month, there will be an arrangement that triggers explosive nature and rebellion to the regime of 90 degrees between Mars and Uranus that occurred once in May.
Mars goes back in the aquarius which controls "friends, colleagues, belonging group", etc. Uranus is the Taurus who administers "Fun, Balance, Values, Safe Safety" and so on. If that effect is already occurring and you had experienced the problem before that time, we recommend watch out in the vicinity of the end of the month.
The company environment to which your friends and you belong, money management or IT problems may recur. There is also the possibility that problems will arise such as money management etc. becoming estranged with someone or group and related to it.

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