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Aries lucky 16-30 September 2018


Aries lucky 16-30 September 2018

On the 16th we will capture the essence of things called Otome Mercury and Capricorn Pluto at 120 degrees, and placement suitable for professional discussion will occur. Mercury is the position that governs "work, workplace, everyday habits, health", etc. Pluto goes backward at the position that governs "job outcome, public standpoint, career pass" etc.
In the vicinity, work luck is good, it can be a conference to solve difficult problems, trial and error and research to establish the method become easy to succeed.
There are fears that sometimes there are fears that if the head gets filled with work or if you do not make it successful even if it is not, there is no other way but to show it with the work that is possible. Let's move the hand if there is time to think.

On the 17th, the virgin Mercury and Scorpio Jupiter's angle of 60 degrees induce a mental state of development and promising, giving rise to action power. Mercury is the position that governs "work, workplace, daily habits, health", Jupiter is in a position to administer "shared assets, tax loan debt inheritance, gender relations" etc.
This indicates the time when work luck develops and can produce results and work can be finished quickly. There are many cases where you can receive good news on taxes and loans, and there is a possibility that it may be advantageous for borrowing and negotiations with financial institutions etc.
If there is a partner there is a tendency for the other's assets etc. to be helpful and work will help increase property.

On the 19th, there is a burning angle that triggers the rebellious spirit of 90 degrees of Aquarius Mars and Taurus Uranus Uranus and Breakthrough. This is the third time this year and the last occurrence this year.
Mars is returning to a position where it controls "friends · colleagues · organization belonging · social environment" etc. Uranus is continuing to retrograde at the position that governs "money, balance, value, safe security" etc. . If we were involved in the problems related to these fields and breaking through the wall from the end of July to the beginning of August, this will be the last time.
Problems such as related income and values ​​of affiliated company organizations have been bothering you with your head a bit since last month or have you been suffering to break through the wall? This time will be a perfect timing to settle on it. You need your courage and enthusiasm to finish this problem and go ahead. Adapting to it rather than fear of change is the key.

Virgo Virgo Occasionally busy with the sun and Mercury coordination and placement to activate communication occurs. Both planets are positioned to manage "work, workplace, daily habits, health, etc.", and there is a tendency to generate busy luck in this field.
Miscellaneous work in the workplace environment that you work everyday, and directly connected with health and lifestyle habits will take your time away. It is necessary to pay attention to points such as delivery date and deadline.
Also, recently your daily habits may be in a bad state in terms of health. If possible, you should plan and implement plans to improve.

On 22nd, there will be a place calling for a harsh fire called Mizu Aqueduct with Leo Dragon Tail. This is also the third occurrence this year and the last occurrence this year.
Both Mars and Tail are in a position to administer "Friends / Colleagues / Organization / Social Environment" etc, and concerning these concerns may have bothered your heads since last month. Attention is necessary because explosion of emotions in this field or behavior that does not suit the reason makes the luck greatly down.
Your friends and colleagues may be troubled by being involved in some troubles. In some cases it is assumed that you are in trouble with friction with the surroundings.
This is the last occurrence, it is the secret to get over suppressing emotions and finishing all what we should do.
On the 24th, there will be a burning angle that induces a pessimistic idea of ​​thought and mental state of Libra Mercury and Capricorn Saturn 90 degrees. Mercury is in a position that governs "interpersonal / partner luck / marriage / enemy", etc. Saturn is in a position to administer "work result, public position, career pass" etc.
This triggers a serious psychological condition, as the relationship with partners and eigners worsens (apart from what the reality is). It seems likely that you feel that interpersonal luck and work luck are sluggish in this neighborhood. It may be caused by the small amount of communication.
However, this Saturn has 120 degrees with Uranus, and there are possibilities that matters such as generation alternation or technology transfer may alleviate this problem. Utilizing the latest technology that the superior people acknowledge value is the key.

On the 24th of the same day, liberty Mercury and Aquarius Mercury 120 degrees, quick decisions and decisions will cause lucky anger. Mercury is in a position that governs "interpersonal / partner luck / marriage / enemy" etc, Mars is positioned to manage 'friends · colleagues · organization belonging · social environment' etc.
This Mars can also expect the effect of covering the burning angle of the above mentioned Mercury Saturn. This combination is suitable for brainstorming etc. with company, community and friends, belonging, and quick work and action are positive for work luck.
But the position of Mercury also shows that we need to find and address the landing points for various opinions and requests. We recommend that you proceed with measures considering balance and practicality.

A full moon occurs in Aries on 25th. This is the area that governs "appearance, personality, skill, existential significance", etc. The full moon that occurs at this position is like a relationship with your opponent who is in a one to one relationship shaking your emotions violently It tends to generate waves.
And this full moon constitutes T Square (right triangle) with Saturn of Capricorn who controls "work result, public position, career pass" etc, problems such as restriction from real wall and superior standpoint There is a tendency to be related.
In the vicinity there is a possibility of having difficulty in terms of delivery, quota, or work that does not get well, and with the boss. You will need to make an effort to end your work and fulfill your responsibilities. You may need to be careful not to explode your emotions.
However, in this full moon, a lucky polygon called "mystic / rectangle" including Mars and Dragon Head · Tail will also occur. The position of the sun and Mars described later will be a hint to that solution.

The courageous posture of 120 degrees of Libra Sun and Aquarius Mars on 28th will cause lucky angel. The sun is in a position that governs "interpersonal / partner luck / marriage / enemy" etc, Mars is positioned to manage 'friends · colleagues · organization belonging · social environment' etc.
This indicates the time when interpersonal luck and friends / community luck become active. It also relates to the meridians of Mercury Mars mentioned above, but this is not the time to spend alone. "Someone" in a one-to-one important relationship and friends · friends are in a situation that can be called essential in this neighborhood.
Grateful for their existence, if you have a willingness to accept responsibility and cooperate, big plans and your position will stabilize.

Pluto, which had been retrograded at Capricorn on 30th, will return to the state of progression.
This position governs the "job outcome, public position, career pass", etc. In these fields there is a problem of power balance, deep consciousness concerning the relation with seniority and social position etc. There is a possibility that fear might have disturbed.
The thing that had been struggling until now will change the wind direction by Pluto's proceeding, and it will be able to advance forward with confidence again. If the position was unstable due to the relationship with the boss, the work's workability, etc., the situation change is remarkable in the vicinity of this place, so that it will be possible to confront the work, the public affairs etc. again with confidence Let's see.

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