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Aquarius lucky 16-30 September 2018


Aquarius lucky 16-30 September 2018

On the 16th we will capture the essence of things called Otome Mercury and Capricorn Pluto at 120 degrees, and placement suitable for professional discussion will occur. Mercury is the position that governs "shared property, tax loan debt inheritance, gender relations" and so on, Pluto goes backward at the position that governs "past, secret, settlement, isolation place" and so on.
This will pursue something deeply and generate fate to discover the facts hidden. It is a good arrangement mainly for research workers, but it is also a suitable placement for clarifying partner 's past and secrets.
However, most of the information often shows that it was better to have been hidden, and there is also the possibility of changing the relationship and situation so far.

On the 17th, the virgin Mercury and Scorpio Jupiter's angle of 60 degrees induce a mental state of development and promising, giving rise to action power. Mercury is responsible for "shared assets, tax loan debt inheritance, gender relations", etc. Jupiter is in a position to administer "work result, public position, career pass" etc.
This shows opportunities for improvement and resolution of problems such as tax loans and promotional change. If you are ambitious, good results can be expected at this time in terms of improved relationships with the eyes and stability of life.
Also, it is a time suitable for borrowing loans etc. on real estate and for expensive loans etc. If you have a partner, you may also be able to help the other's property and rights.

On the 19th, there is a burning angle that triggers the rebellious spirit of 90 degrees of Aquarius Mars and Taurus Uranus Uranus and Breakthrough. This is the third time this year and the last occurrence this year.
Mars is returning to the position where it controls "appearance, personality, skill, existential significance", etc. Uranus continues to retrograde at the position that governs "home, home, family, real estate" and so on. If we were involved in the problems related to these fields and breaking through the wall from the end of July to the beginning of August, this will be the last time.
It is also a time when it is easy to encounter injuries and accidents in hard sports and competition in this neighborhood. Attention to explosion including blades and metaphor indicated by fire, and operation mistakes of IT equipment etc.
And communication and empathy with the family may be difficult, but it is a chance to break through the difference in recognition and barrier of consciousness. That point is to clarify what merit is due to a change such as a soft hip.

Virgo Virgo Occasionally busy with the sun and Mercury coordination and placement to activate communication occurs. Both planets are positioned to manage "shared assets, tax loan debt inheritance, gender relations", etc. There is a tendency to generate busy luck in this field.
We recommend reconfirming taxes, card transactions, loan etc invoices in this area. The combination at this position may make it easier for psychology that you want to postpone troublesome tasks, but it is possible that it is desirable to move forward as much as possible.
If there is a partner, discussion about property and rights may occur with that person, or a message may arrive.

On 22nd, there will be a place calling for a harsh fire called Mars of Aquarius and dragon tail. This is also the third occurrence this year and the last occurrence this year.
Both Mars and Tail are in a position to administer "appearance, personality, skill, existential significance", etc. There is a possibility that the matter related to them also plagued your head from last month. Attention should be exercised because explosion of emotions in this field, or behavior that does not suit the reason makes the luck greatly down.
This summer I was worried by the matter that as a result of insisting on you that I bought you out, it was bad to buy it or trouble occurred without comment with someone. It is wise not to use this energy for discussion or quarrel with anyone, but to diverge in sports etc.
Also, if you make a plan, if you proceed by yourself without troubling someone it will be less prone to problems. From now on Mars will boost your fortune to achieve your strong intent and purpose. But if you take advantage of the lessons learned this summer, there will be little problem anymore.
On the 24th, there will be a burning angle that induces a pessimistic idea of ​​thought and mental state of Libra Mercury and Capricorn Saturn 90 degrees. Mercury is the position that governs "academics · law · overseas · writing · belief" and so on, Saturn is in the position to administer "past, secret, settlement, quarantine place" etc.
In the neighborhood, studies, writing publications, and what you believe may be shaken. Because this has the effect of suppressing the mental state, motivation may not rise in this neighborhood. Things you believe may be denied or jolted, but you will have to turn thinking into a more realistic response than a pessimistic idea.
Also, if you are involved in a legal problem, past behavior and the walls of something will be limited, which may be a troublesome situation.
However, this Saturn is connecting 120 degrees with Uranus, and issues such as generational change and technology transfer may alleviate this problem. It should be a hint of someone who can be called a person, a base of real estate etc., and a life plan with a long term span.

On the 24th of the same day, liberty Mercury and Aquarius Mercury 120 degrees, quick decisions and decisions will cause lucky anger. Mercury is the position that governs "academics · law · overseas · writing · belief" etc, Mars is in the position to administer "appearance, personality, skill, existence significance" etc.
This Mars can also expect the effect of covering the burning angle of the above mentioned Mercury Saturn. Mercury in this position shows that there is also a chance of progressing studies and solving legal problems, the key to this is dependent on your own strong intention and action power.
It is good to ask someone's cooperation, but the attitude of concentrating on one point and honoring things will guide this case in the positive direction.

A full moon occurs in Aries on 25th. This is the area that governs "Reading / Writing, Movement, Neighbor Relationships" etc. The full moon occurring at this position carries luck with the rise of communication frequency, the idea creation, the relationship with local communities and relatives We will raise it.
This full moon constitutes T Square (right triangle) with Saturn of Capricorn who administers "past, secret, settlement, isolation place" etc. There are tendencies related to problems such as reality and limitation.
You may be puzzled by the desire to talk and to run ideas and conflicting psychology and circumstances that you do not want to meet people. If you feel that the surroundings do not listen to you or do not make it to your opponent, even if you become struggling for a solitary fellow, you will have to proceed by yourself.
However, in this full moon, a lucky polygon called "mystic / rectangle" including Mars and Dragon Head · Tail will also occur. The position of the sun and Mars described later will be a hint to that solution.

The courageous posture of 120 degrees of Libra Sun and Aquarius Mars on 28th will cause lucky angel. The sun is in the position that governs "academics · law · overseas · writing · belief" etc, Mars is in the position to administer "appearance, personality, skill, existential significance" etc.
This shows the time when good change in your standing position and interpersonal relationship will occur by clearly saying the concepts and beliefs you believe to the surroundings. It is good to tell on media such as social media or writing.
If you have a purpose such as a trip or a business trip, deciding quickly and acting attracts good fortune. If energy is left over, if you do not use it for discussion and diverge with actions such as sports or diet, you will avoid problems due to differences in opinion.

Pluto, which had been retrograded at Capricorn on 30th, will return to the state of progression.
This position governs the "past, secret, settlement, isolation place" etc. In these fields there is a problem of power balance, and the deep fear of something may have disturbed.
For this backwards period, time may have been a battle against trauma for people with strong influence of Pluto. There are also possibilities that the bad memories dragging from the past, problems not finished, etc. were tormenting yourself.
But from this point this time will change to a rehab for healing and going forward. Instead of immediately proceeding to the next step, let's settle down and calm down.

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