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Fortune telling 9/16 - 9/30 September 2018

Twelve zodiac signs of this month
The third recurrence settlement and the prolongation of Pluto
(Notice: The text is a translation of the Japanese original text by Google. For that reason, there are conversion errors and so on. Please acknowledge it beforehand.)

In the first half of September, Saturn's turnaround and Martian's Aquarius had a major impact on luck.
In the vicinity of the planet's retrograde retrograde, it is easy for a rapid change called this site to be "a milestone of fortune", and it seems that there were many people who experienced the intense period of Yoshinori mixed this summer.
And "Uranus retrograde" which is still continuing now has a great impact on financial systems and investors, and stops innovation that should have started once.
The virtual currency that was initially taken over is also likely to need to be rethinked and redone about laws, systems and risk management. During the time Uranus is going backwards at this position we recommend more vigilance when investing in financial products and working.
Please confirm the effect that retrograde Uranus exerts on your constellation from the following banner.
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In the latter half of September this time, there will be several arrangements that will be the third time since entering this year.
Most of them are burning angles, and it seems that there was a strong tendency to experience a stagnant period or severe time other than those who aimed to break through the wall by challenge.
The occurrence of the same placement many times in a short period is due to the apparent movement of the planet's retrograde phenomenon, but from the perspective of Western astrology it treats it as a phenomenon that repeats the same thing.
It is this burning angle that has been occurring this time, but only recently it was affecting around the end of July to the beginning of August. If I had experienced a tough problem at this time, I can not take care of it because there is a possibility that I have to respond to that case again this time.

However, this redoing funnel "closing" on this occasion will finally end up with those problems and will see "settled". Depending on some people, it may be hard to deal with troubles that you want to escape, but you will be rewarded with a little patience.
On the contrary, those who had thought about breaking through the walls and limits throughout this period may have this opportunity. This is not the end of everything, but cutting it is going to be a good timing by targeting here.
Part of the placement that occurred this time is also related to the full moon that occurs this time, and this latter half of September is a time suitable for closing the case that occurred continuously this year. Although the full moon is a problematic arrangement, it is not only bad things.

This is the main arrangement in the second half.

 Virgo Mercury and Capricorn 120 degrees of Pluto
19th  Aquarius Mars and Taurus retrograde Uranus 90 degree (third time) of
 Virgo match of sun and Mercury
  Matrix between Aquarius Mars and Leo Dragon Tail (3rd time)
 Mercury enters the balance
  Libra in the sun
  Libra 90 degrees of Mercury and Capricorn Saturn
 Libra Mercury and Aquarius 120 degrees of Mars
 Aries in Aries
 Libra Sun and Capricorn 90 degrees of Saturn
 Libra Sun and Taurus Mart 120 degrees
  Capricorn Ultimate of Pluto

Red: Misfortune Blue: Luck Purple: Mix

Pluto is called "forward" at the end of the month, returning to the state where the ecliptic goes in the same direction as the sun.
However, since Pluto is far from the sun by the Earth, it causes retrograde once a year, and this order itself is not a very rare phenomenon.
However, although this planet is quiet at first glance, it causes a definite change / transformation, its effect itself is not small.
The period of "retrograde" until now has a tendency to generate problems such as up and down and power relationships and deep fears, so it is better for the planet to be on the way forward. From October it will become possible to eliminate such power balance problems and fears rooted unconsciously.

I will explain the main placement.

Virgo Mercury and Capricorn Pluto 120 degrees (9/16)
水星 乙女座 トライン 冥王星1 レトログレード やぎ座
It is an arrangement that will give the tail winds to discussions and research that are close to the essence of things, business transactions related to reading and writing.
It is not a superficial knowledge or understanding, it enhances the possibility of reaching an area that understands something deeply or at once, so it will be particularly advantageous for research jobs etc.

This arrangement also has the effect of seeing things such as lies and false hidden by someone.
It is also suitable for finding problems, so if you need to reconfirm your troublesome contracts etc, you have the potential to be a chance to reveal hidden problems and turn it into a good direction.
If this is an arrangement related to communication such as conversation, not only will persuasive power become strong, but there are cases that greatly change the situation and luck with that comment.
Pluto is going backward at the timing when this arrangement occurs, but it is just before returning to the proceeding soon and it looks like it is stopped from the earth. It tends to learn from past problems and generate effects like the final preparation for plans to begin soon.

However, it is easy to induce the phenomenon of "looping in the head", which seems to be accompanied by subtle problems such as thoughts and music that do not leave my mind even when I do.
Also, in some arrangements, as in obsession, repeating extreme behavior as if wiping out some fears is supposed, it is not always good.
Although neither is a big deal, please note that there are cases where it may be inconvenient if you stick to some idea or concept.

Aquarius Mars 90 degrees (third time) Uranus retrograde Taurus (9/19)
火星 水瓶座 スクエア 天王星 レトログレード 牡牛座
This time is the third time since entering this year, and it is the last occurrence this year. Mars is approaching little by little towards the final arrangement after returning to Mitsubishi, so there is a possibility that effects have started to appear before this fortune-telling announcement.
As in this example, when a special aspect (angle) between planets occurs many times at close timing, a phenomenon called 'feeling over and over' similarity occurs.
There are many people who realize the situation that we have to deal with the problem many times before, and have repeatedly challenged.

However, this will also trigger the psychology of wanting to destroy things such as rebellion against the regime and existing constraints and rules, or to escape.
Because of the burning angle, thought and psychology induced by this arrangement are not generally understandable, but if you do not follow the rules it is possible that you will simply buy antipathy rather than success.
In addition, the key word of this arrangement contains "explosion", which requires meticulous things such as real explosion and psychological explosion, careful attention to fire base management.

In addition, this will cause troubles in Uranus's latest technology and IT-related fields.
This is also a kind of fate of fires as it is involved with Mars, so technologies that are not understood in the surroundings and individuality and ideas that are too special will not be accepted and will tend to be evil prominent.
Since Uranus is also related to the latest technology such as IT in modern times, services such as Web which require stable operation may be affected. Those who work for them need to be careful about mistakes in operation or errors in making an update.
And even if it is other than the above, unexpected troubles are likely to occur as well as operations such as "the effect appears in a moment", which is the feature of Uranus, or things that explode "explodes". Although most people may not have a rim, please pay attention to the keywords "explosion" including "metaphor" and "sudden divergence / diffusion".

On the other hand, if you use the power of this arrangement positively, you can break through the high walls that you thought was impossible to achieve results.
If you are having trouble solving the problem so far, if you can make efforts with the desire for change as a problem, there may be cases where you can achieve great progress.
Rapid judgment, decision-making power, bold methods and tactics will open up an unexpected future, but it is quite difficult to control it and it will also require intention to beat difficulties.
Still if you can overcome this difficulty, there is no doubt that you will have the ability and achievements you could not imagine from before.

Virgo Match between the sun and Mercury (9/21)
太陽 乙女座 コンジャクション 水星 乙女座
This is not the third time to count this year, but it is showing that it is not unrelated, as it shows a movement that seems to be linked to a series of recurring events this time.
Originally this arrangement greatly revitalizes communication and distribution, it has the effect that it receives a lot of information and news. Likewise, there is a possibility that topics and some ideas are overflowing and the conversation may not stop, but this time it is a busy luck related to the fact that it occurred in Virgo, was a small miscellaneous task, rules and rules There is a tendency to generate.

When we look at the influence of occurrence in Virgo as a whole, there is a tendency that not only the importance of communication, but also the exchange of news, e-mails and messages etc. become more, the document procedure and arrangement etc are likely to occur Yes.
Although it may be always occurring in the business world, this arrangement will make it easier to create a tendency that its frequency will be more or more intense than expected. This arrangement also shows the duty of official work and disaster countermeasures, and it is expected that the burden will become very heavy along with recent news.
If you are in the midst of that busy situation, you should pay attention to the following points in this neighborhood.

-Whether there is no waste in work
-Whether you are not doing unnecessary work that you ought to omit
-Whether the instruction system is correct or not

Aquarius Mars and Leo Dragon Tail Match (3rd time) (9/22)
火星 水瓶座 コンジャクション dragontail 水瓶座
This is also the third time since entering this year, and it is the last occurrence this year.
Although Mars is back in order, if you have experienced the problem from the end of the seventh to the end of seven, you will have to deal with it again. Still it is fortunate that this time is the last time, it is a good idea to persevere in order to settle the matter without distracting.

The re-agreement between Mars and Dragon tail will trigger intense troubles that our site calls "Fireflies". For example, it is an arrangement that shows the possibility that the bad luck will come back to you in a short time as a result of doing what you said like being out of "reason of people" so far and in this neighborhood.
There is also a tendency that psychology such as anger and impatience will encourage this phenomenon, but please be careful not to do anything wrong, regardless of how readers remember anger.
In order to convert this arrangement to good luck it is to understand the old proverb "Rewrote me by watching people" and put it into practice. If someone is doing a bad behavior, doing it yourself as a teacher, on the other hand, will call fortune more than anything.

Unlike last time Mars returned to prospects, saying that speaking with courage to mistakes and problems and dealing with correct procedures and procedures leads to a solution.
However, since it is difficult in Japanese society, it is a part to be argued whether to do it by force. It is an old word, but let's always remember that the word itself is symbolic of this subject to fight.

Libra Mercury and Capricorn Saturn 90 degrees (9/24)
水星 天秤座 スクエア 土星 乙女座
This combination is an arrangement that stresses the spirit or induces serious psychology.
And there are cases where this also causes situations such as feeling lonely, or actually having to endure something alone.
Because negative ideas are prone to occur from the beginning, execution of ideas and solutions, etc. may be incorrectly transmitted, or it may not be accepted from the beginning. There is also a tendency that the opinion of the elders is given priority, or organization is given priority over individuals.
If some contract or business talk comes in this neighborhood, you may pay high study fee unless you pay attention so much.
Do not use innovation or the latest method in this neighborhood, please depend only on wisdom and experience and realistic methods. Because explanations, conferences, etc. are susceptible to misunderstandings, we recommend measures such as asking third parties' checks and expert advice without using roundabout words.

Fortunately, however, the effect of this arrangement tends to be short.
Even if you feel stiff and painful feeling, please be careful not to be pessimistic if it lasts long.
And even if I feel lonely in this neighborhood I will never give up. Because specialized knowledge and experience will be weapons, let's not mistake the judgment of who to rely.

Libra Mercury and Aquarius Mars 120 degrees (9/24)
水星 天秤座 トライン 火星 水瓶座
A quick decision and decision is an arrangement that will dramatically increase the success probability.
There is a tendency that attitudes towards challenging positively and knowing the risk are welcomed rather than becoming recessed in this neighborhood and it becomes effective on the tactics side.
It is suitable for analyzing problems, making solutions and deciding policies and targets, and the things you decide in the vicinity are likely to reduce blurring and ambiguity.
Once you have decided something, we recommend that you proceed without bending the basic part. Care must be exercised that the effect period of this angle is assumed to be shorter because Mercury 's advancement is fast.
It is not only communication related to Mercury, but also suitable for learning and training.
The power of Mercury located in Libra indicates that activities with one-on-one collaborators further boost the effect rather than doing something alone, and if possible please ask someone for help.

■Aries full moon (9/25)
月 牡羊座 オポジション 太陽 天秤座
The current moon is Aries.
The full moon in this temperate constellation has a case that induces intense psychological state.
This is the horoscope in the vicinity.

Combining the nearly perfect burning angle with Saturn, the situation of "Completion / Completion" which is the effect of the full moon against the problem of Saturn 's "restriction, reality, responsibility" is likely to occur.
In the opinion of scientists who are studying the phase of the moon and the emotional increase, the full moon sometimes causes emotional activation and excitement. From that point on, there is a possibility that many dilemmas and stress will occur in this neighborhood because Saturn will push the emotional rise.
There is also a tendency to feel a sense of loneliness when Saturn is related, and some people may feel a psychological state of wanting to fill that loneliness with something.
Moreover, the position of this full moon is also consistent with a star having the mischief effect of Kuja Deneb Kiteus, and aggressive posture and violence cause self destruction and breakdown of position.
People who were born in some constellations and those Aries who are tightening the position in the position of the birthplace are likely to be aware of emotional control.

But there are some good points in this full moon, Martian and Dragon Head correspond to that.
It is a bit doubtful whether the point as a virtual planet, the dragon head itself itself is also very helpful from the point of having some miscellaneous corners.
By putting in this dragon head, you can create an arrangement called "mystic / rectangle" (mysterious rectangle) which is one of the fortunate polygonal patterns.
Also, 90 degrees between Mars and Uranus gives rise to the opportunity to "break through difficult walls and limits", so it can not be said that it is only a casualty.

In summary, this full moon is likely to be as follows.

-Restrictions from elders and reality walls, liability etc. are likely to occur
-Needless to say violence and attack
-It is also NG to give emotion
-A secret to convert to a good aim to break through existing walls

In this full moon there is a mix of Yoshinori and there is a chance that the luck will change greatly depending on the direction and the manner of holding the intention. Although it is easy to say, I recommend you to take advantage of this full moon opportunity without getting caught only on the minus side.

Libra Sun and Taurus Mars 120 degrees (9/28)
太陽 天秤座 トライン 火星 牡牛座
This is a good arrangement that will inspire various events.
As the sun enters, there are more cases related to the total luck, but Mars is a field that needs competition, and it relates to fields such as medical treatments.
Even if this neighborhood is somewhat aggressive, there is a high possibility that a bullish person will be closer to success. On the contrary, the attitudes and attitudes that are reversed may not be welcomed too much.
Also, depending on the arrangement of the constellation, it can be expected that the effect on sports and health promotion will promote the effect. The effect on the combustion of Mars will have a positive effect on areas such as training and diet.

Although there are many cases that the angle of 120 degrees comes from the other side even if you do not act by yourself, but if you think that Mars's aggressiveness has given us some opportunities it is better to actively act It will be.
And this means a time when you should emphasize the cooperative system rather than doing solely. Because it is not suitable for individual play, it seems that an exemplary behavior that would be "the guideline of the people" would be desirable even in the case of bullish and conspicuous behavior.

Capricorn Pluto's progression (9/30)
The retrograde Pluto's power goes deep and quietly.
In most cases, it may not even be able to recognize the luck caused by it. It is a case that I feel strongly that this is a constellation that is Scorpio or Scorpio at an important position, or that it is strongly affected by Pluto at birth.
If it is under the influence that this phenomenon is felt, this retrograde "stops" the desire to control someone or something and follow her will.
It also causes a case where a defensive reaction is caused so as not to make the fears lurking in the depths of reality become reality.

Please take this effort as a time to learn "control of the mind" which is not influenced by "fear", making efforts to "conscious" about their "principle of behavior", "significance to be in this place" etc. in this retrograde period.
If you are involved with these "matters" and still noticing that you are "afraid" of "something", there are hints to overcome that "research thoroughly" the field Will be.

In October the following placement is awaited.

Libra Mercury and Capricorn 90 degrees of Pluto
Scorpio Venus begins retrograde
Libra new moon
Mercury into the Scorpio
Scorpio Mercury and Taurus Uranus 180 degrees
Scorpio retrograde Venus and Aquarius 90 degrees of Mars
Libra Sun and Capricorn 90 degrees of Pluto
Scorpio retrograde Venus congruence with Mercury

It is a situation in which a large shift in annual shifts is approaching as Jupiter moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius. And Uranus' retrograde progresses, pretty close to Aries.
Movement of these two planets generates a wave of great fortunes in society, but as Jupiter enters Sagittarius, it can approach the opportunity of expansion and development.
In order to take advantage of this flow of luck like a bubble occurring in the 12-year cycle, we encourage you to proceed positively if you are planning something.
Fortune-teller: mystlib
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We are designing and developing fortune-telling tools and applications by ourselves and all of our system's products are his products.
The fortunetelling style that communicates the facts, results, and solution method indiscriminately based on historical data to the accurate position and angle of stars by IT has been evaluated not only by women but also by men.
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Lucky constellation (9/16 - 9/30 September 2018)