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Fortune telling 7/16 - 7/31 July 2018

Twelve zodiac signs of this month
Recurrence of fire with explosion, Mercury retrograde
(Notice: The text is a translation of the Japanese original text by Google. For that reason, there are conversion errors and so on. Please acknowledge it beforehand.)

In the first half of July the confrontation between New Moon and Pluto, Jupiter's cruising, and two Grand Trin fierce fate. As the direction of the slow planet changes, the phenomenon of a sudden large policy change occurs in the real world, so it seems that there was also a characteristic change around everyone around you.
However, even in such a turbulent situation, it seems that Grand Trine that occurred twice caused a pleasant psychology that he could see something of hope.
From the relation that the first Grand Trine is water, it should be somewhere realistic and relaxing, the influence on the mental aspect, artistic effect was stronger.
Since the second Grand Trine has the character of the earth, it should have been used as a chance with reality. It is not easy to bear in mind that the story raised in the vicinity seems impossible at first sight, but it is good to note that the possibility of approaching success by progressing without hesitation largely increases.

By the time we announce this fortunetelling, however, the mental angle of "Mars and Uranus 90 degrees" introduced in the first half of June is recurring little by little.
This has an effect accompanied by the phenomenon of "explosion" with fire, combined with the effect of "90 degrees of Mercury and Uranus" coincident at the end of June, caused a big trouble in precision equipment and IT service etc. There is a possibility.

This "explosion" effect, this "90 degrees of Mars and Uranus" will occur again from the end of July to next month. It is the next month that will be perfect, but beware that the impact is starting quietly from the moment Mars started to retrograde.
Especially when there is a risk there is a need to pay attention to its recurrence, so if there are things that have elements of "explosion" in various ways in personal meaning, be careful about strict management It is recommended that you be done.
On the other hand, this arrangement also has another aspect that it opens suddenly a breakthrough against the "wall" that can not be tolerated easily by repeated efforts. It goes without saying that efforts to destroy the wall are necessary to take advantage of this effect, but in this recurrence it will be a hint that you can learn from the past and change your thought.

And the full moon (total lunar eclipse) occurring around the end of July is also deeply related to Mars, and attention must be paid to "Fire Fire" in general during the summer holiday season such as fighting, disasters and accidents.
If you do "play with fire" at this time, you may be able to taste the dangerous feeling full of thrill feeling, but it is expected that the situation will be a situation of collapse and ruin in the future.
If you are hoping for "safety and security" even in severe circumstances, we recommend you to try avoidance and conversion methods in commentary on these burning angles.
This is the main phenomenon in the second half of July.

Match between Mars and Dragon tail (recurrence due to retrograde)
With the sun's Leo
Venus and Neptune 180 degrees
90 degrees of sun and Uranus
 Mercury's retrograde start
180 degree of sun and Mars
 120 degrees of Venus and Pluto
Full moon in Aquarius
Match between full moon and Mars
45 degrees of sun and Venus
90 degrees between Mars and Uranus (recurrence due to retrograde: effects already started)

( Red: Misfortune Blue: Luck Purple: Mix)
Although there are few phenomena in the vicinity of the middle, unfortunately this time there is a tendency of a lot of menstruation.
Especially the full moon at the end of the month is characteristic. Since there are also 90 degrees of Mars and Uranus re-occurring in the head next month and retrograde of Mercury, we recommend that you do not worry, although it is a vacation season.
If you spend these burning angles without thinking about anything, the downside will become bigger, but there is no way to turn into evasion (avoidance: avoiding bad guys) or kichi. Please make effective use of the forecast of this site and have a wonderful summer time by all means.

The main phenomena will be explained below.

Matching of retrograde Mars and Dragon tail (recurrence due to retrograde)(7/17)
火星 レトログレード 水瓶座 コンジャクション dragontail 水瓶座
This generates a strong fire.
From the relationship that Mars turned backwards, it is assumed that the troubles that should have been thought to have ended once will reoccur. If it took about this from May to June, if you have been involved in the issue involving fire, you may have to respond to them again.
And since the retrograde of Mars triggers oppression of emotions due to frustration, people will become more patient and will become more likely to become emotional than usual.

Most of the phenomena caused by the angle between planets are influenced around the date (in this case, the 17th day), mainly around it. Therefore, it may be that you realize the signs and phenomena already at the time of announcing this fortunetelling.
Also, on the other side of this Mars retrograde, "Mars and Uranus 90 degrees" is waiting. It is the earliest in August when it comes to the right angle, but be wary of the fact that this also begins to affect little by little as described above.
(Please also see "Mars and Uranus 90 degrees" below.)

And the reconciliation between Mars and Dragon tail shows the possibility that the bad luck will come back to you in a short time as a result of acting out of the way of people's reason.
Psychology such as anger and impatience tend to induce this phenomenon, but please be careful not to let the readers rude behavior no matter how angry they are.
In order to convert this arrangement to good luck it is to understand the old proverb "Rewrote me by watching people" and put it into practice. If someone is doing a bad behavior, doing it yourself as a teacher should be more lucky than anything else.

Venus and retrograde Neptune 180 degrees(7/25)
金星 乙女座 オポジション 海王星 レトログレード 魚座
This creates a generous and humanitarian spiritual psychology.
However, it is not true gentleness, it is often psychology such as "sweetness" or "refrain" that comes from the absence of confidence, and there is a tendency not to be mutually beneficial.
The burning angle of Neptune keeps the ambiguous situation as it is or creates useless time, which combines with Venus, causing problems in love luck and money luck.
In terms of affection, it depends on gentleness and depends, there is a danger of making love and misunderstanding even though it is actually spoiled. Because Neptune is going backwards, there are cases where you will experience disappointment by looking at something you saw with the eyewear of ideal and someone's real image.
In the case of money luck, it is assumed that the situation of keeping ambiguous management status as it is, raising the possibility of causing deterioration of losses and income and expansions. It may be necessary to pay attention to the matter of using money and fraud without understanding.

In any case, if we can grasp the reality and learn from the past rule of thumb, which is the nature of Neptune that has retrograded, the problem will stay at a minimum and we will be able to help with true compassion.
Also, in the arts and creative fields such as music and paintings, this arrangement may stimulate and have a possibility to produce excellent results. When numerical values ​​such as money and access number etc. are involved, the negative side comes out, so please be careful about that point.

90 degrees of sun and Uranus (7/25)
太陽 獅子座 スクエア 天王星 牡牛座
Troubles that are sudden and difficult to predict It is easy to generate fortune fortune.
There is a possibility that the behavior of "refusing" that the familiar situation changes will work negatively in this arrangement, and there are parts that are difficult to handle.

If you want to make good use of this arrangement and convert it to good, it is to replace the old one that needed long-term change with courage. It will be subject to things like your customs and familiar things, "I do not want to change if there is nothing wrong."
However, if you forcibly change it, trouble of change that this arrangement has is waiting. Please be aware that it should be changed only to those that are bold and motivated to have to be renewed.

Also, since it occurs almost simultaneously with Mercury's retrograde which is explained in the next item, the unexpected phenomenon caused by this arrangement, the delay caused by Mercury's retrograde, the mistake in information transmission, the rework, etc. are related It is assumed.
Since both the sun and Mercury are at Leo, we should assume that the area where this constellation is located will have a similar effect. Since it is also a fun vacation season if it is originally recommended, we do not forget to think about detour measures.

Mercury's retrograde start (7/26)
水星 レトログレード 獅子座
Another time will come when Mercury goes backwards.
The retrograde is a false phenomenon that seems to proceed in the opposite direction to a planet going to the ecliptic way that is the path of the sun. When Mercury generates this phenomenon of retrograde, it causes problems in the flow of information and information such as communication, distribution, traffic etc.
Although this Mercury retrograde, only recently occurred in the switch in 2018, causing various problems and delays. Because it is known that it has a great influence on long-term movements and travel etc., this summer vacation is concerned about the influence on the transport industry and leisure such as travel and homecoming mainly.

I will describe this Mercury retrograde schedule.


Unfortunately, as mentioned above, we have to pay attention to Mercury's retrograde during this summer vacation.
During retrograde traffic delay is prolonged or a big cause is apt to happen. For businesses that are punctual in time or where flow is important, it is essential to prepare for early action and early action.
The sun is in service at the Leo where Mercury goes backward, but since the sun and the burning horn of Uranus are in the second half of July and there is a burning angle of the sun and Mars, there is a point where it is easy for a sudden quarrel or the like to occur in the vicinity of retrograde Please be careful. If you can receive it as an assignment to grow yourself instead of blaming any problems or difficulties in front of you, you will be able to achieve amazing growth yourself by the time you go backwards.

Also, not only at Mercury but also at the moment when the planet goes backwards, and at the moment of proceeding, there is a tendency for social social direction change and events etc. to occur easily.
This Mercury ancestorization is the time when the summer vacation is over and the return to the original position is characterized by the start of the second quarter almost overlapping.
This movement is supposed to be a phenomenon that what you wanted to start by August "will fall into September". The head of September is also the beginning of the third quarter, and it is assumed that the reorganization of the organization for autumn will be distinctive.

180 degrees of the sun and retrograde Mars (7/27)
太陽 獅子座 オポジション 火星 レトログレード 水瓶座
"Fires of fire" to increase the ego and induce arguments, quarrels and quarrels is a strong arrangement.
Because people who are more annoyed than usual are more likely to increase, regardless of the birth constellation, posture that emphasizes reason will be a trick to avoid misfortune or judgment mistake.
Since the orb (angle of tolerance) angle of 180 degrees is wider, attention needs to be done several days before this day, but this arrangement becomes the actual timing is the timing of the full moon (lunar eclipse) to be described later.
Please also check the items there.

The effect of this arrangement occurs as a minus when it is not possible to control the emotions such as "selfish" and "anger" involved in the ego.
In the case where "purpose" overlaps the feeling, it will be embodied as "competitive spirit", but this is only a recognition of "rival" or "enemy" rather than a positive impression for most people It may be. There are cases where some people mistake "purpose" and "means" for competition.
And there is a similar tendency in love aspect, common troubles such as mischievous fighting will be assumed from intersection of the opposite sex of intention.

The thing necessary to avoid the minus luck of this burn horn is to first honestly tell the circumstances of my desire to others and to put out obedience. It must be honest not only to others but also to "yourself".
Lying or misunderstanding yourself often causes troubles of interpersonal relationships. It is the key to alleviate the minus of this fate to obediently put out your self as opposed to someone else.
And to make the effect of this vigorous fate a positive one, it is to dissipate the energy that has accumulated correctly.
This placement can make a wonderful effect by recognizing that the partner who fights always is himself and not others. Fighting yourself in fields that you can immerse such as work as well as sports and hobbies will produce unexpected and big effects.

Since the possibility that the fields to which energy should be directed may be related to the position of the sun and Mars that each constellation shows is also presumed, please confirm individual luck of each constellation.

120 degrees of Venus and Pluto (7/28)
金星 乙女座 トライン 冥王星1 レトログレード 乙女座
It is an arrangement that tends to generate a strong connection and desire in the affection of luck, money luck.
Although it is a kick angle, there are cases where control is difficult when Pluto is involved. It is better not to let yourself get worried because there is a case of causing bad luck though it is a great deal of mistake in using a strong desire.
This arrangement has a case that creates a strong dependency. If these planets are in a place involving interpersonal relationships or love affairs, the possibility of causing obscurity to the opposite sex is assumed.
There is no problem if it is OK with each other, but if it is too frequent it could give psychological pressure to the other party. Please be aware that these trends are strengthened, as the position of Venus is virgin with good purity and good rule.

As long as the spiritual balance is well taken care of, this arrangement will boost love luck and create a wonderful time to deepen mutual ties.
If the position of this planet is related to money luck, you can receive good profits in investment, business etc. However, there are also danger of causing minus as well as behavior like betting beyond budget and being too restrained, It is important to stop in a reasonable situation.

Full moon of aquarius (total lunar eclipse) (7/28)
太陽 乙女座 オポジション 月 水瓶座
Full moon and retrograde Mars match (7/28)
太陽 乙女座 オポジション 月 水瓶座 火星 レトログレード 水瓶座
The full moon this time is Aquarius.
The full moon overlapping with the dragon tail will cause "total lunar eclipse" in astronomy.
The full moon at this timing has an important meaning in astrology and it may develop as a weak point of fortune.

The trouble is that since last month there has been a consistent agreement with the planet that is Mareph (= meaning to call it bad) in the full moon in the new moon, it is one of the reasons that makes the social environment rough. And this time it is a match with "Mars" which calls fire, and we need vigilance at times when it is easy to float in the summer.
Below is the horoscope near the full moon this time.

Mars has already begun retrograde in Aquarius and induces a situation where the result of words such as anger and violence bounces back greatly due to agreement with Dragon Tail and triggers a much worrisome psychology of searching for an outlet of reserved anger I will let you.
And it is about to reappear the angle which triggers sudden trouble in the form of Mars and Uranus which should have been over, 90 degrees of explosion and regime against regime, and it is next month though it is next month This effect is beginning to occur.

The movement of this planet (a satellite is not astrological in terms of astrology) is often the final trigger to generate an event in the real world, and it works remarkably in a full moon full moon, a solar eclipse, etc., There is a thing that creates a switch called "Milestone".
In addition, at the position of this full moon there are several staggered stars, such as Oculus Dabih, which belongs to Capricorn and Washoda. There are problems such as head related (including anger), absurd behavior, sacrifice etc, but some of these stars have a positive effect such as success which is ahead of effort and coping.

From the above point, it is assumed that this lunar eclipse will be a tough timing. And this "fire" brought by Mars will create big problems and news.
On an individual level, it is possible that some constellations and those who are directly connected to this planet at birth may feel the time to shake emotions sharply.
However, some of the matching stars show the opportunity for those who cope with this crisis and deal with it, efforts to challenge without taking difficulties and taking risks. The effort to break through the wall and the fight with ourselves is a signpost to a great achievement.

Please take note of the following to take advantage of this luck.

Although there is a danger such as violence and anger that Mars shows, there is a possibility that strong energy can be emitted in this neighborhood. Which field it will be, will influence which area governs the position of Mars (Aquarius) that each constellation shows.
And it is important not to suppress this strong energy, but to make it diverge correctly. It is that expressing opinions with intense sports, hobbies or hard work, and legitimate procedures.
The trial will be able to expect the effect of converting this rough luck of fate.

45 degrees of the sun and Venus (July 29)
太陽 獅子座 セミスクエア 金星 乙女座
This planet will open up to 48 degrees at maximum.
Therefore, this arrangement is often found in the birthplace, but those who have this arrangement tend to experience some problems with money fate and affection (especially for marriage) with a fate trend.
In the love aspect, there is a stronger tendency to motivate than people, but it seems that there is a strong tendency to need a life experience that it is easy to make a mistake in marriage and relations with really like partners.

What this arrangement tells us is that it is necessary to have long-term relationships of honesty and daily life etc, rather than elements of the upper part such as appearance and evaluation of the world.
Although it seems to be said that it is said that it is common saying, the creatures of people may give priority to emotions.
It is important to be flashy or instantaneous fun as well as instantaneous, but if you feel like to move with emotion more than reason rather than in this neighborhood, I strongly recommend you to stay on my mind once.

90 degrees between Mars and Uranus (recurrence due to retrograde: effects already started) (8/2)
火星 レトログレード 水瓶座 スクエア 天王星 牡牛座
It is in early next month, but this is also starting to occur, so I will post it.
But unfortunately this is not the last one, and after Mars is going forward, we plan to raise 90 degrees again. Since Mars is going backward this time, the possibility that the problem that occurred before will come down again is assumed.

[Fixed again since late May]

Uranus who just moved to Taurus connects the burning horn with Mars just moved to Aquarius.
Strangely the position of Mars is Aquarius which is the dominant constellation of Uranus, the Uranus movement phenomenon this time is deeply connected with the meaning of Aquarius, and the event caused by the movement of Uranus is initially troublesome and difficult It seems to suggest a situation that it will become.
And this will strongly induce psychology that wants to destroy things such as rebellion against the regime, existing structures and rules, or to escape. Because of being a burn horn, its ideas and psychology are not what the surroundings can understand, but if you do not follow the rules it is possible that you will simply buy antipathy rather than success.
It is also the time of May illness, young people who are in harsh environments, those with vigorous independence, etc. may make something in the vicinity.

In addition, this will cause troubles in Uranus's latest technology and IT-related fields.
This is also a kind of fate of fires as it is involved with Mars, so technologies that are not understood in the surroundings and individuality and ideas that are too special will not be accepted and will tend to be evil prominent.
Since Uranus is also related to the latest technology such as IT in modern times, services such as Web which require stable operation may be affected. Those who work for them need to be careful about mistakes in operation or errors in making an update.
And even if it is other than the above, unexpected troubles are likely to occur as well as operations such as "the effect appears in a moment", which is the feature of Uranus, or things that explode "explodes". Although most people may not have an edge, please pay attention to the keyword "explosion" including a metaphor.

On the other hand, if you use the power of this arrangement positively, you can break through the high walls that you thought was impossible to achieve results.
If you are having trouble solving the problem so far, if you can make efforts with the desire for change as a problem, there may be cases where you can achieve great progress.
Rapid judgment, decision-making power, bold methods and tactics will open up an unexpected future, but it is quite difficult to control it and it will also require intention to beat difficulties.
Still if you can overcome this difficulty, there is no doubt that you will have the ability and achievements you could not imagine from before.

Actually, this combination of "Mars and Uranus 90 degrees" is not an unusual arrangement originally because the ecliptic cycle of Mars is about two years a little.
The special topic of this time in this corner is that the two planets move almost in the constellation and occur immediately afterwards and the recurrence is scheduled around the summer autumn due to the retrogress of this previous Mars There is a reason.
In this site we will explain the phenomenon "retrograde" several times and the luck carried out by it, but in essence this phenomenon shows "It will not end only this time".
Therefore, even if you think that you've worked hard and get over it, there are also people who realize the harsh feeling in terms of being raised again in another form and being forced to redo.
It is a key to success that you pay attention to the problems that occurred in the vicinity and keep the attitude of coexistence of bold tactics and cautious attitude.

As Mars in this time is going backwards and has the effect of raising frustration, it should also be noted in "explosion" which comes from psychological repression again.
If we can use it as an explosive to break through the difficult wall of reality rather than using the explosive effect as a negative, it can be expected to be embodied as a great achievement.

Coarse forecast for next month
Such placement is waiting in August.

Mercury's retrograde
90 degrees between Mars and Uranus (recurrence due to retrograde)
Venus into a balanced view
120 degrees for Venus and Mars
Uranus's retrograde start (Taurus)
45 degrees of Mars and Neptune
Match of sun and retrograde Mercury
90 degrees between Venus and Saturn
Leonard's New Moon
Mars reverses into Capricorn
Because it is a normal tendency because it is a mixed tendency, since Mercury's retrograde continues, trouble in summer vacation movement and information management is assumed. However, due to agreement with the sun it can be expected to relieve to a certain extent, and people in the transportation and transportation industry should be very busy.
It is a common phenomenon that the retrograde of Uranus occurs once a year, but this time it is a schedule to return to Aries which should have once been missed.
On Monday, Mars backwards go back to Capricorn once, and it is expected not only to interlock with the movement of Uranus causing the phenomenon of explosion but also to unwind the fire which should have ended once.
As the slow planet moves through the constellation, social phenomenal changes occur, so the influence of Uranus that should have changed once is not small.
From this summer to the fall it will happen that the story when Mars was going down Capricorn again raised again or it will be revised backwards.
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Lucky constellation by late June 2018
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